Sunday, February 10, 2008

Moving On, Up and Out.. case you didn't know..Moo and I moved. We've taken our little snowy cabin in the sky to a different sim. Not too far from Deyo. But Deyo will be a memory soon. So will Sporks.

And before you ask, yes. Yes, I will miss Sporks - but only my friends hang out there anyway. And they're always more than welcome in my home. So the Sporks Awareness Party will be the last event held at Sporks forever.

But I like our new land. Our house is the same, yet different. I'm redecorating a little. Worked hard on our kitchen. I have a FRYING pan on my stove now. LOL! It's fun though. To find different things that you like..and want in your house (knowing full well in a week you'll swap it out for something else..).

Some things won't ever change, though. We'll always have our green couch. Not so much because we sit on it much anymore. But mostly for what it represents. That couch is where Blissie and Borday first really started to get to know each other (not like that, perv!). In a skybox known as Hot Rocks, they slept on the couch - both kind of homeless. Then to the cabin on the ground where the couch took up the entire cabin. Then the cabin in the sky in Deyo..and our new home.

It's nice to keep the familiar around. I think it gives the house a feeling of warmth..and history. Reminds us of where we far things have come..and how much we have changed, yet still stayed the same.


I'm sure once we're all set up everyone will get to see it. :)

Until next time,



Blogger said...

One good thing about moving in SL is that you don't need to pay movers to bang your walls and scratch your furntiture!!

Sounds like fun - can't wait to see it! :)

bigd Flanagan said...

I will miss Sporks also. What a special place:). A Spanksgiving second to none. Your snowy retreat was always warm and inviting even if you fell from the tree. Of course alot of that had to do with you and Borday. The clothing failures didn't hurt either! Here's to your future abode you guys, it will be a good one. Love, bigd

Bliss said...

Well..we're going to try to make the island below the skybox kind of open to everyone. Probably no security down there like there is at the house.

I finally having a dining room set, though! So we no longer crowd around the kitchen table. LOL

Kimala said...

I love the fact the heart of your home ends up being the kitchen (or wherever food is served) Bliss - just like what happens in a RL home. I think that is how you first befriended me... with a few cookies and cupcakes.

Congratulations on the new beginnings a move brings! Cheers!