Sunday, March 30, 2008

Community Service..

So I did mine for the day..

[20:06] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Hi!

[20:06] BarbaraAnne Dawg: May I join you for drinks!

[20:07] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I don't have anyone to have drinks with

[20:07] BarbaraAnne Dawg: see seem like a nice couple

[20:07] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I would love to pull up a chair if you'd let me

[20:07] You: sure[20:07] BarbaraAnne Dawg: thank you Blissie!

[20:07] Borday Moo: have a seat

[20:08] BarbaraAnne Dawg: oops, sorry, i';m still learning how to sit

[20:08] Borday's Sweet Piece of Ass: You touched it Blissie Boucher, so kiss it

[20:08] BarbaraAnne Dawg: oh thank you Borday!

[20:08] Borday Moo: right click the chair

[20:08] BarbaraAnne Dawg: so what is there to do in Secondlife?

[20:08] Borday Moo: you've been here a long time not to know how to sit

[20:08] BarbaraAnne Dawg: i joined a long time ago, but I only played once.

[20:09] BarbaraAnne Dawg: this is only second time playing.

[20:09] You: Well..I personally shop.

[20:09] You: A lot.

[20:09] You: :)

[20:09] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I like to shop as well.

[20:10] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I keep hearing people can have sex in here, is that for real?

[20:10] You: This is all shopping. So you can wander around here and shop.

[20:10] You: You can if you want to.

[20:10] BarbaraAnne Dawg: where can I have sex? and is it just like a big orgy, or do you have to pay for that?

[20:11] You: you know where Barbara can find sex ?

[20:11] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Lotsa of sex, with hunky men like you!

[20:12] Borday Moo: ooo sex no i don't

[20:12] Borday Moo: lost it in the war

[20:12] BarbaraAnne Dawg: you lost your "ahem" in the war?

[20:12] You: Yeah. He's neutered.

[20:12] Borday Moo: yeah some little china man has it now

[20:13] BarbaraAnne Dawg: wow.... now do guys comes anatomically correct when they join, cause I know women really don't

[20:13] You: No. They need to buy their parts.

[20:13] Borday Moo: lol no we have to buy the parts

[20:13] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Oh.... thats a lil too freaky for me

[20:13] BarbaraAnne Dawg: and I'm a freak!

[20:13] Borday Moo: i found one with a gas motor the other day

[20:14] BarbaraAnne Dawg: don't yank that one too hard!

[20:14] You: Well..maybe the first thing you want to fix your avi up a little. You know. different shape..

[20:14] BarbaraAnne Dawg: well... i tried to fix my shape... i had someone helping me, and they kept confusing me numbers and sliders and stuff. So, here I am

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg accepted your inventory offer.

[20:15] You: Just right click that in your inventory and wear it.

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Oh thank you!

[20:15] You: Sure.

[20:15] You: Unless you want your avi to be..bigger. Then that's cool too. :)

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Hmmmm I can't seem to put it on at the moment.

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg: there it is!

[20:15] You: There you go.

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg: OMG... I'm totally hawt now!

[20:16] You: There you go.

[20:16] BarbaraAnne Dawg: thank you so much

[20:16] You: You're welcome.

[20:16] BarbaraAnne Dawg: do you have landmarks of skin shops. I was at a shop earlier, and they weren'very friendly.

[20:17] BarbaraAnne Dawg: thank you so much, you both have been very kind. i'll certainly take a look there.

[20:17] You: Our pleasure.

[20:17] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I'll let you two go back to your date. And thank you for being so nice to me

[20:17] You: :) Sure. Anytime.

[20:17] BarbaraAnne Dawg: and thank you for the Shape, its wonderful

[20:17] You: Glad you like it.

[20:18] You: Tell me..I just got punked.

[20:19] BarbaraAnne Dawg shouts: OMG I FOUND BDSM SEX!!!!

Now..avis come in all shapes and sizes..and like RL..that's what makes the world so cool.

But lord..if that just wasn't the funniest thing yet.

Maybe we'll just stick to having coffee at the house instead of outside from now on..LOL !

Until next time,


Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Moments of Insanity

I found a shopping cart..and I sat in it.

ROFL! :) Wonder what my going price is..?

Gender Bender night at the Bee Hive! (Left to Right) Busy, Ehric, Borday, Blissie, Doodle, Mac, Lita and Mick! I won on the men's AND women's board. Hoooo!

K took me and Bev for a sweet ride to Broadway. :) I got to be a rockstar - even if my shoes didn't match my outfit right.

:) Well..heck. We found a swing we could sit on like this. So sweeeeeet.

When Moo joined me on an Easter Egg hunt that was for ALL female, clothes..I should have known trouble would start. And thus was born..Bordina. LOL

I got this out of one of the Easter Eggs from the hunt. LOL ! Anyone got a kazoo for Kim? Anyone?

GNO! Well. Kinda. LOL ! :) It was fun, though. I am a little jealous of SheD's abs, though. Guess I'll keep hitting that SL gym.

BRUDDER! :) He was finally on for some time. Shopped with me a little, we did relay races through the mall..and then made sure I got home safe. What are big brothers for?

I'm like..Superwoman. ROFL! :) Come on..the phone booth? Outfit change? Ha ha. Man. I need to work on my jokes.

Hello? Can you hear me now? THANKS, K! I needed to be a cell phone junkie in SL *and* RL.
Right. :)
Okay, so you've seen my wacky pictures from the last week or so.
Hope you enjoyed them - I know I had a blast when I took them.
Until next time,

Sunday, March 23, 2008

To Be a Noob Again..

When I was a noob..I was always a loner.

And if you've read this blog long enough, you know I spend most, if not all, of my time with Moo.

And this last week, he's had some connection issues (not emotional..internet..LOL).

So..I've been kinda solo.

And let me tell SUCKS!

Not that I can't spend time alone in SL. I can. I shop..I wander sims. I club hop. I visit friends.

And then..I get bored.

So I ask myself..what the heck did I do before I met Moo?

Those of us..not so new to SL you ever ask yourself these things? What did you do BEFORE you met the people you spend your time with in SL? What did you do before you had "usual" haunts? And why did you STOP doing whatever it was you did? Was it because you liked the familiar? Was it because you found your niche?

So..I set out on a mission to see what it was for me. And maybe..not be so needy or clingy to the people I've grown attached to. I wandered new clubs.

And here's what I discovered:

While I'll always meet really nice and interesting people in SL - no matter where I go..home is home.

The good, the bad, the everything smushed up in between.

I found my place - be it the place I'm most comfortable or the place I fit in best.

And my's a happy place..but it's a heck of a lot happier with the people I like best around me. And a Noob that's what I was LOOKING for. Not necessarily just places to hang. I just needed a place to call my own.

:) And I thought of this all while I sat in one spot waiting for an Easter Egg hunt to begin.

I'm so deep at 3 AM.

But this picture..would SO look better with Moo next to me. :)
Until next time,

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ditch Day!

So..I took a day off.

Not my usual "work from home" day off.

A real..true to off.

Cell phone shut e-mails unopened. The whole nine.

I woke up late..plugged my iPod into my kitchen speakers..and rocked out while I made french toast. And yeah. I played the Danity Kane song over..and over..and over. I danced around my kitchen and sang at the top of my lungs. I ate breakfast while watching TV..even got to catch one of those "Who's my baby daddy?" episodes of Maury. Gotta love daytime TV.

I even found time to take a nap.

A NAP! On a Wednesday!

And logged into SL..and SHOPPED.

Oh my god, did I shop.

I got more clothes than I think I really should own in SL.

I attended one of Crighton's day shows..(which I always see the notice for on my e-mail..but never get to catch)..

:) And when I was done? Blissie laid on a couch..and real me did too. Watched TV..hung around..made brownies..

I was a bum. For a day. A obligations BUM.

Of course..I went to work today and the piles were literally falling over on my desk and I had 18 voicemail messages waiting..

But it was SO worth it. :)

Until next time,


Sunday, March 16, 2008're WHERE?!

So yesterday morning..I woke up..and thought..Saturday. Great. Usual, you know? A run, some breakfast, grocery shopping, clean the place up a SL..maybe make some steak before heading out for some St. Patty's weekend wickedness at the local bar.

And then.

My sister called.

You see, my sister's having a baby. She's due on the 23rd. And on Thursday, her doctor told baby today, tomorrow..or this weekend.

So, my parents took her son, and they all went shopping at the Shore. 23 minutes before she called.

She said she was having pain. And could I stay with her.

Sure. What the heck? I could make my steak there too. LOL

I get there and her husband's bugging out. She's spotting..and there's blood..and oh my god there are contractions? Or is it gas? See..last time, her labor was induced and she was heavily medicated. She didn't know WHAT contractions felt like..and hell if I could tell her! We time the so-called contractions. Every four to six minutes.

So..I convince her to call her doctor. He tells her to get to the hospital.

Okay, hello? This can't happen. *I* am not good in a medical crisis. And yes, this IS natural..but it's a crisis to me!

Okay, I put on my big girl underpants and stepped up.

While he drove down the streets like a lunatic and I sat in the backseat with her - holding her hands through the contractions and catching the stuff she threw at him before it connected with the back of his head.

So we get to the hospital, he goes to park, I take her in, take her up to maternity, get her examined, get the green light from the resident that she's having the baby today (yeah, he's still parking) and help her get settled into her room.

I run outside, make a ton of quick phone calls, the worst of which being to my parents - who instantly freak out. Unfortunately, my dad's knee isn't good enough to make the 2 hour drive back. And she's already 5 cm dilated. It should be any minute now.



10 hours later..

She's ready. Time to push.

Doc wheels in a table and uncovers it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

We delivering a baby..or torturing prisoners of war?

A table of scissors..and..other..things.

And I feel woozy.

Okay, be brave.


A head!


Oh..that's a lot of blood there..

And.. good lord..


It has shoulders!


Oh god..

That' gross.

That's not blood..but..what IS it?

And it's a girl! She's crying!

And really bloody.

And gunky.



I love kids.


I'm SO adopting.

:) Worth it all, I suppose - in the end.

Just REALLY gross. Welcome Baby Sonia.

:) There's already a box of new clothes waiting for her along with a pair of Tiffany heart stud earrings.

Her journey was equally as gross, I imagine, therefore she deserves a consolation prize. :)

Until next time,


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moment #563

Who would think that hopping on a couch could take you back almost seven months.

:) I offer you this..

The warm month of August..dressed in beachwear.

A new club in the sky..with a a spanky DJ ready for bed.

An inventory junkie says.."Wait for me.."

And they snuggle for the first time on the couch after a night of hot tub trouble with a group of friends.

If you were know the night. You remember the dancing..the laughing..the hooing and the hot tub massages.

:) Maybe it's time for a party at the house?

Until next time,


Monday, March 10, 2008

New Skin Pics

So SL finally got my pictures working. So here are four of the skins I got. I'd love to hear what you think. Most of the difference is in the makeup - lipstick shade and such.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lipstick Jungle..

"Men love red lips..
..but they know nothing..'s a sex thing.."

When I popped in to visit with a friend and ask her about Blissie's new makeup..this was what we concluded.

Recently I purchased a few new skins for Blissie - each with a different type of makeup (and apparently pubic hair..because now they come in designs? Okay..there's detail and there's DETAIL..LOL).

But different makeup means different things to different people.

Was Blissie a red lipstick chick - like a 42nd Street ho? A soft pink-lipped honey like the socialites at Nobu? Or a glossy gem like the SoHo boutique babes? What WAS her style? Each skin..each makeup style created a different avi to me. Blissie wears Cat Classic. That's her skin. Smokey eyes and glossy pinky brown lips. That's always been her look. Would changing her skin change her and other people's perception of her?

And why were the guys saying the avi with the red lipstick was prettier and hotter than the one with the natural lips or the glossy lips? And why the girls choosing the softer feminine makeuped avi?

Oh, hell. I was all confluffled now.

So..I did what any smart chick does. Today, I phoned a friend - a fashionable friend. :)

And the first thing she said was "great dress". Turns out she had just blogged about it. Which made ME laugh because another friend had told me he hated the dress (out of the 15 I picked up that day). ( SUE men. When people I consider fashionable compliment an outfit..a style..a 'look' I put together..I feel good. Yeah, it's vain..but dammit! I LIKE IT! LOL)

Then we discussed skins and makeup and such for a while..and her advice was sound. You change your makeup in RL..why not in SL? Why stick to the same skin? Play with it. Enjoy it. So red lipstick might bring about the perception of Bliss being a whore. :) Depending on who she's might not be such a bad thing.

And that, kids, is my fashion blog of the day.



Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SL Moments..

Not that I number my moments..but I thought this would be cute..

To just post some moments that I enjoy.. :)

Moment #267 that makes SL worth it all..

Barefoot on the swing snuggled with Moo..just relaxing.. :)

Totally worth it all.



Sunday, March 2, 2008

You're Nobody Until You've Been Gossiped About..


Okay, if you watch Gossip Girl, you get the title of this blog entry.

So..I love the show. I have since the pilot episode. It's great iTunes download for the treadmill - the clothes are AMAZING, the music's hot and the stories are nuts.

Recently, however, I've been TIVOing the episodes. So, in order to catch up, I had a little mini-marathon and watched the last few episodes I had on my TIVO.

Creepy coincidence? At the same time I was watching it, I got a notice from Ivalde that they were opening a store in the Gossip Girl sim!

So, Blissie threw her new Hello Kitty tracksuit (thanks, Moo!) on and ran out to check it all out.

What I found..was that the Gossip Girl sim had changed a lot since I last went out there when it first opened up. A ton of my favorite stores had shops up..and the noobs..were NOT so noobish anymore. Nothing rocks like a stylish noob. :) I had a blast teaching them about stores, how to modify clothing and what could and couldn't be shared.

Anyway, if you have the time, I really think it's worth taking a look at. Great NYC sim, great shopping, and pretty great activities too centering around the show. And the mods their are REALLY nice.

And no post of mine is complete without a picture, is it? :) Well, here you go. This is how Blissie starts her day. :)

Until next time,