Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lipstick Jungle..

"Men love red lips..
..but they know nothing..'s a sex thing.."

When I popped in to visit with a friend and ask her about Blissie's new makeup..this was what we concluded.

Recently I purchased a few new skins for Blissie - each with a different type of makeup (and apparently pubic hair..because now they come in designs? Okay..there's detail and there's DETAIL..LOL).

But different makeup means different things to different people.

Was Blissie a red lipstick chick - like a 42nd Street ho? A soft pink-lipped honey like the socialites at Nobu? Or a glossy gem like the SoHo boutique babes? What WAS her style? Each skin..each makeup style created a different avi to me. Blissie wears Cat Classic. That's her skin. Smokey eyes and glossy pinky brown lips. That's always been her look. Would changing her skin change her and other people's perception of her?

And why were the guys saying the avi with the red lipstick was prettier and hotter than the one with the natural lips or the glossy lips? And why the girls choosing the softer feminine makeuped avi?

Oh, hell. I was all confluffled now.

So..I did what any smart chick does. Today, I phoned a friend - a fashionable friend. :)

And the first thing she said was "great dress". Turns out she had just blogged about it. Which made ME laugh because another friend had told me he hated the dress (out of the 15 I picked up that day). ( SUE men. When people I consider fashionable compliment an outfit..a style..a 'look' I put together..I feel good. Yeah, it's vain..but dammit! I LIKE IT! LOL)

Then we discussed skins and makeup and such for a while..and her advice was sound. You change your makeup in RL..why not in SL? Why stick to the same skin? Play with it. Enjoy it. So red lipstick might bring about the perception of Bliss being a whore. :) Depending on who she's might not be such a bad thing.

And that, kids, is my fashion blog of the day.




Blogger said...

Some guys are drawn to red-heads, some to brunettes and others to blondes. Some prefer fair skin, some tan and some dark.

Same with lipstick, eye shadow, etc.

Some like jeans and a T-shirt, while others prefer dresses.

If we all liked the same things it would be boring, would it not?

...You really LIKED that dress??? ;)

Bliss said...


There's something about the red lipsticked avi that prompts MORE IMs than regular "natural" makeup.

And yes, I did! I don't buy clothes I don't like..LOL! I liked the dress!

Blogger said...

Why do you think the ho's wear it??

Since I am partial to red lipstick myself, I can't deny that I'd be more inclined to notice it than other shades.

(next dress comment removed out of concern for personal safety)