Friday, March 28, 2008

Random Moments of Insanity

I found a shopping cart..and I sat in it.

ROFL! :) Wonder what my going price is..?

Gender Bender night at the Bee Hive! (Left to Right) Busy, Ehric, Borday, Blissie, Doodle, Mac, Lita and Mick! I won on the men's AND women's board. Hoooo!

K took me and Bev for a sweet ride to Broadway. :) I got to be a rockstar - even if my shoes didn't match my outfit right.

:) Well..heck. We found a swing we could sit on like this. So sweeeeeet.

When Moo joined me on an Easter Egg hunt that was for ALL female, clothes..I should have known trouble would start. And thus was born..Bordina. LOL

I got this out of one of the Easter Eggs from the hunt. LOL ! Anyone got a kazoo for Kim? Anyone?

GNO! Well. Kinda. LOL ! :) It was fun, though. I am a little jealous of SheD's abs, though. Guess I'll keep hitting that SL gym.

BRUDDER! :) He was finally on for some time. Shopped with me a little, we did relay races through the mall..and then made sure I got home safe. What are big brothers for?

I'm like..Superwoman. ROFL! :) Come on..the phone booth? Outfit change? Ha ha. Man. I need to work on my jokes.

Hello? Can you hear me now? THANKS, K! I needed to be a cell phone junkie in SL *and* RL.
Right. :)
Okay, so you've seen my wacky pictures from the last week or so.
Hope you enjoyed them - I know I had a blast when I took them.
Until next time,


Blogger said...

/me smiles big in RL!

Looks like Blissie is having a lot of fun! HOO!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Kimala said...

I always love a chronical of the Blissie adventures :) You live quite the SL life!

Thanks for playing live at Savoy last night too, Bliss. I'm gonna make sure and get your autograph today!