Monday, June 30, 2008

Adam N Eve

(Sizzle Dress in Rouge with Seductress heels in Teal).
This Tuesday night from 6-8 PM SLT, the Bee Hive will showcase the amazing designs of Adam N Eve. Now, I'm 150 shades of excited. Truth be known, I've IMed and sent notecards to many, many designers. Some have responded positively (and you will be lucky enough to find them at the Showcase on Tuesday nights), and a few have responded to politely decline. And then there are the others. The ones who don't even bother to respond.

Well, I have to be 100% honest and tell you Sachi Vixen was the first clothing designers to say yes without hesitation. She was extremely receptive to my ideas and happy to take part in the Showcase.

And I confessed to her that being able to IM with her was like meeting a rockstar.

It’s no secret – I *love* shopping.

So to those of you who love meeting Sachi is like your meeting Sarah McLachlan (Crighton), or Bono (KIM!), Marc Broussard (Moooo) in SL – get it? Sachi Vixen was a name I only knew from making purchases at Adam N Eve.

But she’s been amazing to work with – and extremely nice. The very first time I shopped in Adam N Eve was around Christmas time when Kaarl and Bev gave me a gift certificate to the store. I picked out my black and silver Dare to be Dress. When I sent the note card and certificate to Sachi, she promptly sent me my dress, and then also sent me Dare to Be in crimson with best wishes for a wonderful holiday. I was GIDDY. So insanely giddy. My Dare to Be dress is still one of my favorite dresses in my exploding inventory. Since Christmas, I have purchased many, many more outfits and SHOES. Oh my goodness. The SHOES are just drool worthy.

I recently went mini-dress shopping and I found my Sizzle dress (in rouge). The dress is great – with so many jewel toned colors on it – finding the right shoe would be a mission. Or so I thought. It really wasn’t. A quick trip into the Adam N Eve shoe department brought me to the Seductress shoes. I loved the shoe style SO much, I bought it in teal and purple. The purple, incidentally, also matches the new Vertical dress (in amethyst) I bought from Adam N Eve as well.

And the new Sex and the City outfits Sachi’s rolling out? Amazing! I’ve already bought the Samantha outfit in red.

FYI – they’re also rolling out new bikinis designed out of various country flags. I, of course, will be rocking my USA bikini for this July 4th – I suggest you grab one too for whatever country you represent.

So. I do hope to see you all tomorrow night at the Adam N Eve showcase. Bring your lindens – I know I will!




Kimala said...

OMG Blissie! I can't WAIT for tomorrow night! :) Hoo! And... I am hitting the store TODAY to get that bathing suit! How can we celebrate the 4th with anything else?

Please write me a note to leave work early tomorrow night - I don't want to miss out. Your event sounds like so much fun - and I am so impressed with all you've done throughout your time at the Beehive. You are a hard act to follow girl ;)

Up for a trip to the Alamo now? Woot!

Kimala said...

oh wait - and in BOTH posts I have made I have forgotten to compliment you on your new blog look. Super sharp ;)

Bliss said...

:) I'm excited too! I'll make a note to remind me to remind you. ROFL!

And TY..I keep searching for the perfect profile style..LOL!

Parker said...

First of all Blissie, Love the new look of the blog. I want one of those drinks, that big, but in RL.

Blissie loves shopping???? Now that is an understatement if I ever heard one.

Since I was given the LM to Adam N Eve's, i have loved their stuff too. I can't wait.

bigd Flanagan said...

Impressive, Stunning, what else can I say?