Monday, June 23, 2008

My Inner Fashionista..

Okay, when did fashion become such a big part of my SLife?

I mean, I knew I loved playing dress up in SL. I loved that from day one.

I wore all KINDS of freebie outfits. I didn’t have any standards. I lived in the 50L store. I was a big spender back then. Every linden of prize money went to the 50L store where I bought new outfits daily. I even camped out at the store’s lucky chair and won quite a few outfits.

Now, I’m a fashion snob, I think. I’ve acquired a few favorite designers and stuck with them. The “look” of certain outfits turn me off and I refuse to buy them – too reminiscent of my freebie wearing days, I think.

Yesterday I slipped on my Posh Spice hair and scooted over to a fashion show at To the Nines for LBD LeeZu Baxter Designs entitled “Little Black Dress”. The sim was PACKED. Luckily, there was a seat in the front row just waiting for me. So I hopped in and started looking around.

If you look very carefully, you can see me in my black pantsuit set with white belt. Yep. There I am – grinning like a fool.

I loved every second of it. It was almost like a fashion Who’s Who of Second Life. I saw names I’ve only ever seen when making PURCHASES.

So here are just a few quick snaps I took (I didn’t want to look TOO tourist-like..LOL).

Everything took a very long time to rezz for me, so I can’t comment much on the clothing presented – what did rezz was beautiful and I plan on going back to buy some things soon.

My new friend Francesca was in the fashion show (and the one kind enough to invite me) – she looked stunning, FYI.

I’ve realized, the further I delve into working on the Fashion Showcase, the more interesting people I meet. And every day in SL is fun when you get to meet new people and learn new things and BUY MORE CLOTHES!

Now if only Maitreya would hop on the showcase bandwagon before I stage a sit-in. LOL!

Until next time,



Parker said...

Blissie, are you sure you weren't writing in part about me. One of my jewelry designers need to test a piece on my tonight and asked what I was doing (she knows my extensive wardrobe) and she laughed when I said I was trying to find something to wear.

Before I it was freebies all the way, now if it is freebies, it has to be from my favorite designers.

Kimala said...

Ok WAIT! You didn't know you were a fashionista before now??? ROFL!!!

When I think of SL and fashion - I consult you. And... NOW you tell me :) LOL :)

Bliss said...


I've just never been this involved in fashion. Shopping is one thing. Meeting designers and such is another.