Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversay Borday

One year ago today I met the person that would be my best friend, and some days, my reason for even loggin into SL. :) I'm thankful for every day since - the good, the great and the WTF?! days. A year of smooching..and he's still my favorite person to kiss. Hooooo! Love ya, Moo.



Kim & Blissie's 1 Year Anniversary

Oh man. From the spa to the island to the shops to the COUCH. It was a BLAST. :) Our PICTURES! Hooooo! Thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun - special thanks to BigD and Aeryn who were THE best today - letting us drag them around SL mercilessly. Massages, hairdressing and FUN. It was a blast.

Cheers to many, many, many more years to come. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

S'all Cool, Yo..

So here's the funny thing about having been in SL so long: You don't realize that you're kind of old and set in your ways. You do what you do..hang with your support the same places, generally..and you, in general, go about your business like always. And what other see is not unlike with RL - like high school, if you will; cliques.

It's not on purpose, though. And while everyone in SL has different activities, jobs, hobbies..a clique is formed regardless. Whether it's from supporting the same or individual avi. It happens.

I'll use myself as an example. Yes, I've made new friends in addition to my original ROB's/One World friends. Shocking, isn't it? I do speak to people other than Moo, Kim, BigD, Ehric and Crighton. BUT. When I choose to hang out, it IS generally with them. Why? Heck, I love 'em! I wouldn't choose anyone else to really kick around with. I can make the most trouble with my Spankers.

Do I think we, as a group, can intimidate people - especially people new to us and our behavior? Heck yeah. Do I think we're the popular kids of certain establishments? Maybe. Is any popularity because we're super loud? Most likely.

Do we exclude people because they're not one of us? No. Never. (See..we're a nice clique). We bring them in, clothe them, feed them and treat them nicely.

And the fun part of a clique? Where one of us poofs, generally the others are not far behind. I wonder if people dread that? Like..

"Oh crap..there's that she's bringing that damn Blissie..and the rest of those misfits". I know a club we invaded a few weeks ago felt that way. LOL

I'm rambling, aren't I? Disorganized thoughts, I swear.

Last night a pervy tiny avi came around. I think he should have been punted. Far and fast. Why? Because he made requests of the ladies that were inappropriate. Downright rude.

Is it something I would have punted Moo, Ehric, Crighton or BigD for? Never. ROFL! That's the thing about us..what we can get away with, nobody else can. And pity the fool that tries.

Maybe I've been thinking of this all wrong.

Not so much a clique, but a family.

Like..I can do it..but an outsider can't. Whatever it is.

Like..I can pick on Crighton, threaten to shoot him..but let some outsider do the same and they'd probably be orbited ten sims down.

I can call BigD my Monday boyfriend..but let another girl come along to do the same..she'd be tormented until she ran off screaming. MINE!

And I can call Ehric a sissy. But should some random Hiver do it, they'd be mocked mercilessly.

And Kim. Hm. She can suffocate me with her boobs..but another avi would be caged and sent on their merry way.

ROFL! And don't get me started on Moo. Nobody can do anything with/to/for him. Period. Mine! Mine! Mine! (I sound like the seagulls from Finding Nemo, eh?).

And while outside perception is always different of people..I find it funny that in private, we shed those images in front of each other. We know sadness, joy, frustration. Things we don't share with everyone on our friends list.

Maybe we are one big funky family.

Not a clique.

Would that make me the snotty spoiled little sister? Hmmm.

This makes more and more sense with each word.

S'ok. No matter what we are, I'm cool with it.

What was my original point?

Can't recall now.

But we're not as bad as you may think. And we're never too busy to make new friends - so don't let us scare you into running away.

Just don't expect to be one of the family instantly.

Side note. On my cab ride to work, I saw the words SPANK spray painted on a passing truck.

Omen. :) I swear.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Things I Love Today..

Number one thing I love today is..

Drumroll please..

Christian Bale.

If you have yet to see the Dark Knight, you're SO missing out. He's delicious and sexy and..the things I could do to get him out of those amazing suits..YUM!

:) I'm just saying.

2. The second best thing I love today is..

Another drumroll please?

Tortilla Flats!

Excellent restaurant in NYC if you ever want to find one.

Little hole in the wall dive with great food, great people and..


Come on, what's better than drunken bingo, baby?


Those are just TWO of my favorite things today.



Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bee Hive Fashion Showcase: Tuli!

This Tuesday we were lucky enough to showcase Tuli by the lovely Tuli Asturias. She came with her beautiful skins, her DROOL worthy clothing and her great attitude! The night went great - we had a lot of people passing through (even until Thursday night they were still coming in!).

As usual, BusyBee and I dressed up in our designer gear and grabbed a photo op!

Tuli packed the walls all the way to the back of the club for us - sadly, I owned EVERY outfit on display, so there was no massive shopping for me. LOL

And of course, I took a picture with Tuli herself. :) I wonder if she'll autograph it for me?

Well, if you haven't grabbed your Tuli goods, they will be there until Monday night along with the great limited edition freebie outfit. And after that? Hit the main store and grab everything - I promise you, the outfits are EXCELLENT!
Up next, Amplify by Tinker Hax! :)
Get your punk on, kids!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When is it..When?

Some would argue we are a society of excess. We love it. We indulge in it. We thrive off of it.

But when do we say when?

When is enough just enough?

Is it when all the fun is gone? Is it when we've had too much? When we feel sick? the end of the day, I'll always go back to a very old blog of mine. This is a crazy rollercoaster ride. And when it's's done.

If you push it, you'll get sick. And that's no good.

But if you get off too early, you miss out on something great.

So now I ask you..

When do you say 'when'?

Maybe I'm just T-I-R-E-D and need to sleep.

Maybe that's what I'll do.



Sunday, July 13, 2008

2008 All-Star FanFest

So, I'm sure you can tell that I met Alyssa Milano today at Fanfest.

And I just wanted to briefly share my story.

See, we waited a little more than an hour with my 7 year old nephew to see her.

We were fifth in line, and when she came out the place went nuts (she really IS that small). The first three people were allowed to take pictures as she signed her pictures, and then the guard announced that no pictures at ALL could be taken. Even while she was signing. Now, I was standing right there..and she never said a WORD to anyone about flashes or anything. The guard told me NO pictures at all and I shut my camera off. So my nephew took his picture and stood silently, his little eyes so sad. So I waited while she signed my picture. She asked me how I was and how my day was going so far. I told her pretty good. And then (I never do this, I swear), I said "They axed pictures with you..and my nephew really wanted one." She looked a little puzzled. "They did? I can take pictures!" And we took one super quick. :) She was gracious and kind and my nephew was on cloud nine. And I was giddy - I cackled at the guard that told me no pictures. He can't tell HER no pictures, can he? Sure, it was super up close..ROFL! But hey, in 30 years, he'll have proof that there's no one I won't approach for him. :) Anyway, just sharing.

And yes, she IS that pretty, and no it's NOT airbrushing.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Special Fashion Showcase: JD Designs!

This Thursday I was lucky enough to hostess for the wonderful designs of JD Designs. Even more fabulous was that I was able to snag the very lovely Parker Janick as a special co-host for out JD Designs Showcase.

If you haven’t taken a peek at their beautiful jewelry..well why the heck not?! We had a great selection of men’s and women’s jewelry together with some great shoes too! I personally bought four different pieces for myself – though all items are transfer, so gift-giving is super easy (GENIUS, if you ask me!).

I fell in love with the Celtic Tree of Life necklace – super simply, yet very classy, and the Parker Sonnet set (yes, the whole SET).

So if you haven’t grabbed your goodies yet, why not?! Hurry down to the Bee Hive, they’ll be there until Monday. After that, we’re featuring []::Tuli::[] on Tuesday night.

See you soon!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fashion Showcase #3: Joyful Designs

This week we were lucky enough to showcase Sunnyskies McMahon's Joyful Designs! Sunny did an amazing thing and put all of her goods on sale at 50% off of the displayed price. Who doesn't love a sale?
The night went very well - we had quite a few great visitors in addition to the usual band of misfits I love. Sunny IMed and it looks like sales went well too!

I ended up grabbing the Jungle Queen outfit in addition to a few other dresses. The funny thing, the cargo pants outfit I wore in the promo pic wasn't up, so LMs were taken and folks headed to the store to grab it.

I met Sunny a very long time ago through a mutual friend, Kaarl. I continued to visit her store, even when she went from a small space in the mall to a giant space in her own mall! If you haven't been, you need to check it out. Affordable CUTE clothes by a great designer.

:) Join us next week for TULI!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Killing Those Zombies!


:) Just a special pic to share with you all.
Shooting flesh eating zombies with my fave honey.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fashion Showcase #2: Adam N Eve

So the most recent fashion showcase designer was Adam N Eve. Since I’ve already blogged about them (at, here are some pictures from that night.
(Sachi Vixen putting up some last minute items before the show started)

(One side of the club where Sachi set up things for sale)

(BusyBee and I outfitted in our Dare to Be and DeCollage dresses for Best in Black)

(I snuck up behind Sachi and stole a picture while she added some finishing touches to her vendors).

Thanks to everyone that came out and shopped..and to everyone that came out and partied with us. :)
Hopefully I'll see you all again this Tuesday for Joyful Designs by Sunnyskies McMahon.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Rainbow To My Hurricane..

So if you've ever encountered Hurricane Blissie, you surely have met the rainbow that accompanies the storm, Borday Moo.

When I met Moo almost a year ago, I don't think I could have ever imagined that we'd live together..and be best friends for this long. Actually..I know I didn't expect it.

From building a house for building a club for me..I don't think there's anything Moo hasn't done for me. He lets me eat up all of the prims, decorate (and re-decorate..and re-decorate..) to my hearts content and throw as many parties as I want.

There have been nights when we hop on the slow dance (#7) ball and chatted for hours..about all kinds of things.

He's my protector, my advisor, my fashion consultant, my best friend, my confidant, and above all else, my honey bear.

He accepts my jealous behavior (with minimal complaints), acompanies me anywhere I want to go and deals with my constant AFKness like a true gentleman (spanking the heck out of me until I return..rofl). He boxes with me, pillow fights, gun fights and snuggles. He shops with me..he dances with me..he dedicates songs to me in his deep sexy voice.

And for anyone that's ever wondered why my SL profile says I'm a pretty pretty princess with a pretty close to royal SL life, know it's only because of Moo that I am able to make that statement.

So if you see him around (sans me), chat him up. He's a little quiet, but he is a great guy to get to know.

Since I'm posting remotely I can't share any of our sublime pics. When I return I will share some of our funnier moments.

:) Thank you for being my honey bear, Moo. SMOOCH!