Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Killing Those Zombies!


:) Just a special pic to share with you all.
Shooting flesh eating zombies with my fave honey.


Parker said...

My goodness Blissie, do you go out looking for things to blast and blow up? Or was this just target practice?

We already know you are the best shot in SL.

Bliss said...

LOL! I practice a lot for two reasons:

1. When Crighton mouths off to me.
2. When a club ho hits on Borday.

But we started out motorcycle riding - and then found a gun range..and well..Moo's just as well armed as I amm..LOL!

:) You're welcome to come shooting with me.

Kimala said...

Ok Bliss - I want to know why we never do cool things like THIS on our Sunday dates!! I'm making note of this... sign D and I up. I think I could take on some Zombies!! Whoo Hoo! And Parker - you are joining our Sunday date. Mark your calendar baby ;)

Bliss-make sure D gets the short bus fixed so we can all ride together :) heehee