Friday, July 25, 2008

S'all Cool, Yo..

So here's the funny thing about having been in SL so long: You don't realize that you're kind of old and set in your ways. You do what you do..hang with your support the same places, generally..and you, in general, go about your business like always. And what other see is not unlike with RL - like high school, if you will; cliques.

It's not on purpose, though. And while everyone in SL has different activities, jobs, hobbies..a clique is formed regardless. Whether it's from supporting the same or individual avi. It happens.

I'll use myself as an example. Yes, I've made new friends in addition to my original ROB's/One World friends. Shocking, isn't it? I do speak to people other than Moo, Kim, BigD, Ehric and Crighton. BUT. When I choose to hang out, it IS generally with them. Why? Heck, I love 'em! I wouldn't choose anyone else to really kick around with. I can make the most trouble with my Spankers.

Do I think we, as a group, can intimidate people - especially people new to us and our behavior? Heck yeah. Do I think we're the popular kids of certain establishments? Maybe. Is any popularity because we're super loud? Most likely.

Do we exclude people because they're not one of us? No. Never. (See..we're a nice clique). We bring them in, clothe them, feed them and treat them nicely.

And the fun part of a clique? Where one of us poofs, generally the others are not far behind. I wonder if people dread that? Like..

"Oh crap..there's that she's bringing that damn Blissie..and the rest of those misfits". I know a club we invaded a few weeks ago felt that way. LOL

I'm rambling, aren't I? Disorganized thoughts, I swear.

Last night a pervy tiny avi came around. I think he should have been punted. Far and fast. Why? Because he made requests of the ladies that were inappropriate. Downright rude.

Is it something I would have punted Moo, Ehric, Crighton or BigD for? Never. ROFL! That's the thing about us..what we can get away with, nobody else can. And pity the fool that tries.

Maybe I've been thinking of this all wrong.

Not so much a clique, but a family.

Like..I can do it..but an outsider can't. Whatever it is.

Like..I can pick on Crighton, threaten to shoot him..but let some outsider do the same and they'd probably be orbited ten sims down.

I can call BigD my Monday boyfriend..but let another girl come along to do the same..she'd be tormented until she ran off screaming. MINE!

And I can call Ehric a sissy. But should some random Hiver do it, they'd be mocked mercilessly.

And Kim. Hm. She can suffocate me with her boobs..but another avi would be caged and sent on their merry way.

ROFL! And don't get me started on Moo. Nobody can do anything with/to/for him. Period. Mine! Mine! Mine! (I sound like the seagulls from Finding Nemo, eh?).

And while outside perception is always different of people..I find it funny that in private, we shed those images in front of each other. We know sadness, joy, frustration. Things we don't share with everyone on our friends list.

Maybe we are one big funky family.

Not a clique.

Would that make me the snotty spoiled little sister? Hmmm.

This makes more and more sense with each word.

S'ok. No matter what we are, I'm cool with it.

What was my original point?

Can't recall now.

But we're not as bad as you may think. And we're never too busy to make new friends - so don't let us scare you into running away.

Just don't expect to be one of the family instantly.

Side note. On my cab ride to work, I saw the words SPANK spray painted on a passing truck.

Omen. :) I swear.



bigd Flanagan said...

I love this post! I think you caught the essence of our group perfectly. I love our group and its openess and its protection of one another. We are a family:)

That little perv did deserve a good punting. I love that the females in the family aren't little straw flowers. When some jerk starts crossing the line its nice to know that our girls can kick some ass. But you know help is just an IM away. We are a family:)

We support each other when someone is low and filled with doubt. We relish each others successes. We need each other. We are a damn fine family.....

Parker said...

/me wonders how many times Blissie thought about orbiting me.

Speaking as one outside the family, you are all pretty dern terrific and i enjoy the moments that I get to visit with y'all.

Thank you for being a friendly group of misfits???? Nah. Wonderful folk.

I do hope it was not my club that made you feel like a group of loud misfits - I will orbit my own family if they did that to you.

One note I will say is that you are the loudest group in my friend list and that is not a bad thing.

Yordie Sands said...

I've always liked yous guys and your clique. When you arrive at the club, the life and liveliness in the room rises. The clique is ok, Blissie. Just... no killing of guest. Hehehe.

Joonie Jatho said...

OMG...I didn't know there was a clique or a family. LOL! That can only mean one thing...I'm not in it!


/me rubs my boobies in Blissie's face, grabs bigd and claims him as mine, and Moo?....better not go there! LOL

Great post, Blissie. Isn't it amazing how close we can feel to our friends online? Hooooo!

bigd Flanagan said...

Let me get this straight.....monday is with bliss, I need help with this schedule!! Maybe Kimala will let me get that iphone this weekend. LOL

Kimala said...

aww the cool thing about our family is we have adopted new members along the way. Sure we have the original clan that is extra nuts and people live in fear of... but i can think of a few... those listed in the comment stream ahead of me... who are included in that LOL... :)

I love you guys! I maybe cross-eyed dog tired but I'm typing away laughing my heart out wondering what the heck is going to come next some nights. You are nuts. You make me laugh. Laughter is good medicine. It all works :)

Tomorrow... Blissie and I are getting married... just sayin ;) Woot! Then, we are off to a slumber party at Parkers and hoping Joonie will take us shopping and Yorie will take us on an adventure. Bigd? will you be our sugar daddy?

Bliss said...


I just crawled into bed and I had to answer this.

1. Parker - I have never wanted to orbit you. And no, it wasn't your club. LOL

2. Yordie - Always nice to know our shenanigans are welcome. :)

3. Joonie - Family by proxy. We just need to see a little more of you (not like that you pervs!).

4. BigD - :) it's always comforting to know that help is always there. I wouldn't have it any other way. And! Mondays! Pencil me in. I'll drive the tank, you rock the machine gun.

5 Keeemala! Sounds like a perfect anniversary to me! Especially the sugar daddy part. Lol

Okay, to bed. Lol