Saturday, August 30, 2008

Deep Conditioning..

Now..I know the ladies here are familiar with a deep condition.

For you men, it’s what you do to your hair to keep it healthy – to maintain it and protect revive it from the misery that is dry, frizzy, dead hair. To make your hair new and healthy again.

Now..what about your soul? Do you treat it the same way? see..

I’m going to step back and deep condition myself a little bit.

I’m going to take some time and repair myself from the damage that I’ve done to me.

I’m frizzy hair right now. I’m dry and thirsty and in desperate need of a good deep condition.

I’m not giving up – and I’m not walking away. After all, I’m a Goonie at heart..and Goonie’s never say die!

But when I’m stronger..and healthier..I can stand a little taller. I can be a little braver.

So..please stick with me while I do this. I may not be very social..or chatty..or pleasant company right now..but I’ll be good as new soon. I’ll be super shiny hair that’s totally unbreakable – and even the flat iron won’t scare me.

I’ll be the new and improved Bliss – and the earth with tremble with my footsteps..and stuff. LOL!

And to my friends that have sent me super amazing e-mails and IMs..I love you. I love you for everything you’ve tried to do to help me. I really appreciate you all.



Yordie Sands said...

mmmmmm deep conditioning ;)

Kimala said...

can I join you? these last 2 weeks have kicked my butt! I need some deep conditioning too... maybe throw in a massage and pedicure as well? the flat iron was thrown across the room weeks ago because we actually have humidity here and i gave in and went curly - curly hair with lots of product :)

*hugs Bliss* smile big because it is SATURDAY!

Parker said...


Those hugs are for Blissie and Kimala. Two very strong women who just need some pampering and revitalizing right now.

I am here if you need to use me as a shoulder, an ear, a wall, or whatever.

bigd Flanagan said...

I think I would like to use Parker as a chair. But only if i get a running start and jump into it. Sounds fun to me....

Bliss said...

:) You're all welcome to deep condition with me. Group condition?