Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So I got on the elevator at work today and the little computer screen read off the news of the day to me.

And guess what..?

Cabbage Patch Kids turn 25 tomorrow.

Holy shit!

I still have my first cabbage patch doll, Lydia. I actually just pulled her out and washed her. LOL! She's all clean and smelling like Bounce now.

I thought to myself..this was my first and only doll. She's been to Mexico, Canada, California, Florida, and MORE! She's been to more places than some people have.'s to feeling old and nostalgic on this unhappy eve.

:) Thank you Lydia for living with me all those years when I just chewed your hand and stuff.

Love ya.


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Parker said...

Boy am I OLD!!!!!

Must say I never had a Cabbage Patch. However I did have other (older) dolls. don't have any of them now, I do have the first teddy bear I remember ever receiving. My teddy bears still provide so much comfort in this ever changing scary world.

Enjoy Lydia.