Friday, September 5, 2008

Heaven..Hell..and Stuff In Between

Short post tonight.

I was watching Black Snake Moan during the benefit for Busy and Ehric when an exchange caught my attention.

You see, Christina Ricci is a sinning nymphomaniac chained up in Samuel L. Jackson's house (as he's saving her from the devil..). His pastor friend comes to see him and ends up in conversation with Ricci.

In a nutshell..she says to him..that heaven is a load of bullshit - religion kinda too. Why would God want people that do wrong..commit horrible sins..and then say 'I'm Sorry' so they can get into heaven. Why would he want to fill heaven with people like that?

Hm. Point.

So the pastor tells her believing in God isn't about getting into heaven. You don't do things just to get into heaven. It's about believing NOW..about having someone that's there for you all the listen to you. Someone to give you the strength to go push forward when you need it TODAY. Not at the end of your days..when you can't help anyone anymore.

I guess I never thought of it that way.

Just sharing my jumbled ramblings..



bigd Flanagan said...

Interesting points Bliss. You are a perceptive one girl. I like the points that movie has.

I never really understood how people can go through life and be horrible, be thoughtless in their dealings with others, consistently put yourself first and just have the slate wiped clean at the end of ones days prior to admission to the pearly gates.

What of the suffering that those people cause to others? Is that inconsequential? Does that all fall under the umbrella of hey, I'm human?

The more I think about these things the more I realize I'm still just a spiritual single cell organism.

One last point: chains, nymphomaniacs? Is there a soundtrack? LOL Great post girl!! You rawk....

Kimala said...

Blissie I love that idea... someone to hold onto...something to hold onto...

We all need that. I think those that pretend they don't are just fooling themselves.

I love your deep thoughts! HOO!