Monday, September 1, 2008

Stella Stapleton Studio!

So, if you've seen my new surely must know I did not do this myself! The VERY lovely Stella Stapleton came into my SLife and snapped these amazing shots. :) Please see below for a few samples (catch me in-world for more as I'm SO going back for more!).

For your convenience, following is the notecard that I got from the studio:
Welcome to the Stella Stapleton Studio! Interested in a chic profile picture? Pick out your favourite outfits and let's get snapping! I take pictures for Sexy Second magazine and I am the art and marketing director for Stella's Mall, so quality is my utmost priority. I specialize in portrait photography. Normally, I only provide my services to magazines and/or blogs, but I've had so many requests for profile pictures, I decided to provide this service publicly.
You will receive high quality, photoedited pictures with custom backgrounds that will surely you get you noticed by those curious profile-peekers :) Appointment durations vary, but usually take about 20 minutes. You can expect to receive your finished photographs within a day.
Contact me to discuss appointment time and what type of photograph you're looking for (black and white or colour or any background preferences) and how many pictures you want.
All finished photos are copy/mod/transfer. All poses are provided by me in studio.
Rates: $250L per finished photograph.
Check out my Flickr page for examples of my work:

I do hope you check her out - her work is amazing, and there's also photography for sale in her gallery! :)


Yordie Sands said...

beautiful photos, Blissie.

Stella Stapleton said...

Aww Blissie, you're a treasure, you! Fabulous model too! Cannot take a bad pic of you! Come by the studio anytime, you're ALWAYS welcome :)

Kimala said...

beautiful bliss - you are!!! inside and out :) Stella only captured what we all know and love about the one and only TM Blissie Boucher.

Beautiful work though as well Stella :) *writes down the address and plans to make an appointment*

Bliss said...

Aww..thank you guys!

*smooches Kim*

And Stella..your work is amazing. :) *hug* And you're so amazingly kind. Everyone should go to Stella !!!