Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blissful Productions & Co. Go PINK!

So, very late last night (very early this morning..), a group of beautiful ladies got together for a picture. But the picture was more than just a snapshot of friends. It will, with any luck, become the first of many “Go Pink!” pictures to come out of Blissful Productions, Sporks, Bistro Olive, The Savoy, Parker’s Pub and Witchy Woman Designs.

Why these venues? What do these very different places all have in common?

The pink kiosk located in each, which allows you to donate to the Breast Cancer: Network of Strength charity. (

I was lucky enough to meet Raeva Ashley, the organizer for the 2ndLifeAid group event this weekend right before her 48-hour fundraiser for the Network of Strength. This morning’s report had them at 236,000L total, I believe – which is amazing!

Be 100% sure that Blissful Productions will be taking over several venues soon to raise money for this charity (and others if I can get someone to call me back!).

In the meantime, you can visit any of the abovementioned establishments to donate to the pink kiosk for the Network of Strength. In addition to donating, you can also pop into Witchy Woman Designs to check out the new Breast Cancer Awareness Huggles Bear (because everyone needs a hug!) and members of the BP group got a special pink scarf (also courtesy of WWD) and a pink ribbon to wear.

I’ll have more goods out soon – don’t worry. More great designers are jumping in, beyond willing to help. I think I’ll compile a list of all designers that I know of that will be carrying pink ribbon goods.

And you guys?

Well, I can’t thank you all for supporting my ventures..for hopping on my charity bus and giving your time, effort and lindens to a good cause. Without you guys – my friends – none of this is possible. SMOOCH! I love you all!



Joonie Jatho said...

This is so awesome, Blissie. I admire your willingness to get involved and do what you can for this cause. *hugs*

Parker said...

Bring it on Blissie. I and my pub accept any challenge you bring on.