Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cashmere Lovin'

Last week my sister and I attended the InStyle Magazine promoted cashmere party. Buy a piece of cashmere, get free monogramming. Champagne, wine and sparkling water flowed freely in addition to various hors d'oeuvres (my personal favorite being tiny rice krispy I ended up buying a few different things. I got myself and my mom monogrammed cashmere scarves (hers hot pink and mine pale blue) - my sister got her own in white. We also got the same sweaters in different colors - hers red and mine charcoal in the v-neck long sleeved sweaters and hers blue and mine purple in the same cardigan with fake diamond buttons. We also bought the sweater in green, pink and black - one each for my two other sisters and our mom. Yep. We'd be a family of dorks in matching outfits - it had been decided.

While we sat around waiting for the monogramming to be complete, she and I talked for a long time. We discussed it and agreed to host a big ass party for New Year's Eve at our house on the island (after we made a phone call to our oldest sister to make sure she'd be coming down from Canada). This year's been rough for everyone (not as rough as it could be - and we're thankful for that) and maybe ringing in the new year together was just the perfect thing we all needed to remind us of how good we really have it.

So last night I headed home early to do some party planning. I ordered some great decorations for the house in silver and black and a six bottle basket of champagne from Sherry Lehman (oh six is going to be anywhere near enough for my family?), booked maid service for the 2nd (can you say..lazy?) and did a few of the invites. I wrapped the sweaters that we're going to surprise my sisters and mom with and dug out my recipes for holiday treats. All in all it was a productive week from last week to last night. With only a few days left for Christmas, I'm taking tomorrow off to finish my Christmas shopping and meet some friends for lunch. Why is it we only find the time for certain people around the holidays?

It's been crazy busy at work with end of the year business, etc., but any further discussion of layoffs have temporarily been suspended. Thankfully. :) So, I guess I can honestly say the New Year is looking kind of bright. Will my outlook stay this bright? Who knows. I hope so. :) now to crawl back into bed and snuggle up to watch the city wake up.

Here's to a happy holiday season. :) And the promise of a new year with new adventures to come.


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Parker said...

Snuggle up in those cashmere sweaters and enjoy yourself. You have earned some fun and relaxation.