Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This Christmas..

This Christmas Eve there's a lot swirling around in my head.

First of all, for one friend of mine, there won't be a very merry Christmas at all. You see, yesterday scum broke into her new house and cleaned her house out. They took all of the Christmas presents under the tree. They took her television. They took her DVD player. They took her handbags. They took her patio furniture. Her treadmill. All of her husband's clothing (save one pair of sweatpants left behind). Her jewelry. Her BEDDING. Her dignity and sense of security. And when they took the condoms from the nightstand, they had pretty much taken it all.

But I made the canned statement I make to clients.

At least you two weren't home when they came. At least you still have each other and you're safe and unharmed. That's what is really important. Not stuff. Insurance replaces stuff. Sure stuff has sentimental value..but without the person behind the sentimental items, it seems pointless to me. So long as they have each other safe and would all be okay.

Nonetheless, she told me to shut the fuck up. ROFL! I can appreciate the feeling of frustration she was overwhelmed with, and she's allowed to take it out on me (for now).

So this Christmas I eagerly eye my Christmas presents..itching to tear at ribbons and bows..I fully intend on keeping in mind that even if I were to open wrapped cans of SPAM, I should be appreciative. Love is an amazing feeling - for a parent, child, lover and friend. Without it, things are cold and empty..and all the stuff in the world won't change that. Love is far more important than whatever is hidden under the paper.

The radio station here, KTU, is playing non-stop holiday music. So I have it on as I sit here waiting for my rum cake to cool before glazing it. Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" is on. I love that song. Mostly, I love the version from Love, Actually. That's my all time favorite movie ever. So I sing along, attach the following and wish you all a wonderful Christmas. :)

Ohhhh..who am I kidding? If I got SPAM I'd be majorly pissed off and nobody would be feeling the love from me. ROFL!

:) Hey, I said I'd try, didn't I?



Kim Flack said...

Hey Bliss - I'm glad I didn't get you spam and will make note to not in the future ;) Feel better!! I hear you are sick! Stay warm and cozy and get better :) Merry 2 days after Christmas!

Bliss said...

5:51 am..still up..still coughing..

Someone put me out to pasture..

Parker said...

Bless your Blissful heart. do I need to come up there and tend to you? I am standing by the TP, just say the word.

By the way, I don't do spam (of any kind)