Friday, February 27, 2009

A Sleepy Post..

So, I'm laying on my couch snuggled up in my softest sweats and my "Boys Stink" tank top. We're watching a Law & Order marathon that I DVRed - best way to spend a late Friday night, I think.

I'll recap my week, because I'm feeling super lazy..but bloggy.

This week went by in a blur, I think..

Work, home, gym, dinner, drinks, dance, yada yada.

Spent a lot of time taking pics, having fun with different outfits and poses in SL.

They're not great. Just okay, I think. I'm sure I'll get good enough to meet my expectations eventually. :)

I watched my favorite show that I DVRed earlier this week at..3 AM when I couldn't sleep. Just so you know? One of my favorite female heroines is Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne on Burn Notice.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the show:

Michael: Fiona, you were supposed to stop the car, not blow it into the Everglades! What happened to shorting the ignition?
Fiona: You said disable; it's not going anywhere.

Fiona: (to Michael) Of course, the tactical support I'm giving you, will cost you. (Michael looks at her) I need new shoes.
Michael: You've got plenty of shoes.
Fiona: Well, now that I'm on the open market, I need more.

Moving on..

I went to belly dance class - which was so much fun. The teacher's really nice..probably younger than me..with much better abs. But, it was fun. My friend and I went together - I think having someone there always makes something more fun. So we danced and then crawled into the restaurant next door to have dinner. :) FYI - if you can take a class (or buy the DVD), try it! It's a lot of fun!


So I've gotten about 180 pages into "Twilight", which is a suprisingly fast read. If you can get past the wordy internal monologues, it's a good book - actually enthralling (dare I use that word?).

So that's a recap of my uneventful week - heck, I'll take uneventful over crappy any day!

:) Hope your week was good too.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bed Day?

“The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world” ~ Napoleon

On Sundays, I usually get up sometimes head to the gym (sometimes not!), come home, log onto SL while I try to clean up the disaster that is my apartment and do my usual chores. Not a great way to start a new week, but hey, some things have to be done.

This Sunday, I woke up, snuggled in bed and realized..I didn't want to get out of bed. I feel so beat up, so worn down, so TIRED from every day life - from work to family to everything. And if I got out of bed, I'd have to deal with it all.

So..I decided..I wasn't getting out of bed at all.

It was just that simple.

You see, in bed..things are quiet..and peaceful and warm. My bed is my haven.

There are no e-mails, no voicemails, no texts, no anything. :) Beds can be like a little private island..far away from reality.

So, we stayed in bed from 10 AM to almost 4. We watched TV, ate chinese food, and just relaxed the day away.

When I finally did get out of bed, I refused to leave the safety of the bedroom. I started cleaning my closet, tossing clothes I no longer wanted into a donation pile, a pile of things I think my cousin would like, and a pile of things just too crappy to let other living beings see.

About 7:30, I finally left the sanctuary of my haven to tidy up and do some laundry.

But I've gotta say.

If you can..steal a quiet Sunday in bed for the day. :) It's a great way to just unwind before a hectic Monday. It's like a spa day, only without having to pay!

:) Happy start of a new week, kids!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two Years..

Well, I'm f-ing late, eh?

On February 12, 2009 Blissie Boucher turned two. Two years old in SL..which like like being..really old in SL.

So Kim and Crighton got together and threw a party for me at the Glamshack which was a lot of fun. I'm always amazed that Crighton remembers all of the songs I like. I got some great gifts and I think a wonderful time was had by everyone.

And I thought to myself, as I shopped for my 100,000th outfit, what have I learned in my two years here?

So here's a list of things I've learned:

1. Don't click whole folders to get dressed - you just end up looking like a freak.
2. Pretty is all relative - if you love it, rock it. If you're wearing it to fit in..stop.
3. Clubs can and will suck the life out of you eventually. From too many contests to handing out too many tips - it can get to be too much for you. So when you feel it coming, take a step back.
4. If you find a DJ you love, get in their group! You'll be happy you did, because good DJs are like great flexi-skirts; hard to find.
5. If you find a STORE you love, get in the group and take a LM!!! Leaving with out a LM will make you kick yourself.
6. If you decide to quietly go afk during something, it is 100% gauranteed that someone WILL speak to you and you WILL be called out on your afkness.
7. Just as you're about to purchase the most amazing thing will crash.
8. You'll start to schedule your day around SL and events. Don't. If you miss events or parties..just let it go. SL is for fun..just enjoy the time you're on..and let it be. It's VERY easy to get sucked in.
9. No shoe in SL should be 1,000L. But damn, those are the ones that look the best!
10. Nothing is impossible. :) If you can dream it, SL can make it happen.
11. Some fights are not worth having. Just step back and take it easy. Getting all hyper over a situation doesn't make it better.
12. Some people exist just to watch the world burn. There's no reason for what they do. Happens in first and second.
13. Love in SL is a funny thing. And as a wise DJ once told me, you CAN open your heart and learn to love different people in different ways. It's amazing to let people into your heart and to be let into other people's hearts as well. Just remember that the love you have in your RL shouldn't take a backseat.
14. You WILL be exposed to amazing music you never expected to love. :) be prepared to download constantly.
15. Take pictures! In SL, every picture will remind you of every amazing memory and every hysterical moment you've lived.
16. Try it. Whatever it is. Hosting, DJing, designing, building..whatever. TRY it. You may love it.
17. Gestures can be fun..but too many gestures are chat spam - especially the ones that take up the whole screen.
18. SL costs money. ROFL. Accept it. :)
19. People leave SL. As much as you don't want them to, they move on. They go to other games, they go back to RL..but they go. Just remember the great times with them..and keep doing your thing.
20. Consider every decision with a poor outcome..or negative consequences to be a beautiful mistake. Why is it beautiful? Because you learned a lesson from it. No matter how bad things can and will survive - on your own and with the help of friends.
21. Drama. Will happen. You can be like a ducky and let it roll off of your back like water, or you can add fuel to the fire with a gas can. Your part is always your choice.

So..if you're new to SL, those are some helpful hints. I'm guilty of all of the above and proud of all of the above.

:) It's Slife, baby. Just live it and have fun.


Friday, February 20, 2009

I Can't See..

My little cousin was 12 when she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Prior to that, she was treated and medicated (heavily) for depression. One of the biggest problems for her diagnosis was her lack of communication. It's not that she couldn't's that she didn't want to. She remained silent during therapy sessions, during psychiatric evaluations, etc.

It took almost two years for her to be diagnosed as a schizophrenic. Even now, the doctor's aren't 100% sure of what's really going on with her since she mostly remains silent - except when she clings to her father and tells him the voices are talking again.

From the various medications she's gained a lot of weight - so much so that she struggles to walk these days.

I call her kind of regularly to check up on her - try to treat her as normally as possible - even though our conversations take on a life of their own. Two weeks ago she told me she's going to get married and have 18 kids. And that her mom and dad will watch her kids when she goes to work as at Taco Bell.

This afternoon she told me that she wished her dad would pay someone to kill her. So he wouldn't go to jail and then the voices would stop. I told her she was silly. Everyone would miss her so much..and we all loved her a lot.

And then I hung up the phone and bawled.

What it must be wish for someone to end your life..

To be a parent watching your child suffer..and not having a way to help.

I can't imagine what any of it must feel like.

The pain, the despair, the helplessness.

I don't even know..what I wanted out of this post. Just to share I guess.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Late Night Musings..

How is it..

You can try on fifty skins..finally find the right one..and then the sim goes down?!

:) That's SLife, I guess.

Random Quote:

Why do you have to choose? Just buy the fatpack. Excuse me Miss - do you have these jeans in red, blue and yellow? What? Haven't you ever heard of a fatpack?!?!!


New ventures afoot. Well..trying to get myself going, in any event. Gives me something to do - I can't build, so I have to do something! I always get things together slowly. I prefer it that way, I think.

Hooked on Kat DeLuna's new song, "Unstoppable" off of the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack.

S'all for now. :) Oh, and feel free to join me for coffee with Busy in the AM. Nobody DJs or gets dressed or even really says too much. We just start the morning off chillaxed.


I'll find a better word.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

This One Night..

It's funny what you don't realize people think of you until stray comments waft your way. And growing up, I’ve heard them all. I didn’t grow up super rich and fabulous – both of my parents worked (hard) and life was what it was.

And the thing is..I make it a point to be extra cautious about what I say and how I say it. I hate being categorized as a snob – which of course, I usually am. I don’t talk about what I have, what I buy, what I make. Key rule to keeping friends, I think.

Tonight we went out to a new lounge a friend of ours opened – it was beautiful. Low key, but inviting. The music was great, the drinks were out of control, and the atmosphere was kind of like a clip out of Gossip Girl.

Sometimes, so are the people.

While sitting around a small table, usual chatter began. Valentine’s gifts, dates, dinners, yada yada.

So there’s always the token snob – the one who hangs around with you and your friends..but she never really is one of you. She’s the one who looks down on everyone and everything – the one who doesn’t acknowledge that her boyfriend cheats and that him buying Christian Louboutin shoes and Chloe bags does not and will not make up for that. Having things does not equate happiness – it does not mask misery and it does not improve your discontentment any. At least..that’s how I feel.

Her comments are always intended to be cutting. It's like..hurting people by insulting them is what makes her feel good.

So..she asked where I got my dress. After weeks of hunting, I found my dress on sale at Macys for $40. Now..would I ever tell her how much? No. I know better. To me, it was all about finding the dress with the perfect fit - not the perfect name on it. She examined it and gave it SEVERAL once overs. And finally concluded it was nice for me. Translation? She'd never be caught dead in it. LOL

And I'm okay with that because future plastic surgeoned trophy wife/mistress isn't the look I ever want to go for. I'm just saying.

And sometimes, people need to be shut up.

It's wrong, but it's true. Sometimes, you need to lay it out there and if it cuts them back, so be it.

She stuck out her big dumbo ears and showed off a very beautiful pair of diamond earrings from Tiffany's and told me that if I preferred better things in life, I needed to trade up because poor men can't give you the best things in life. For someone who comes from money, I should go for a Jaguar instead of a Toyota.

What..the fuck? She said..Toyota.

And maybe it was the alcohol. But maybe not.

And I said it all.

The only way being with a fat, balding, mid-life crisis age man who cheats on me with ANYTHING in a skirt and then sends his assistant to buy my jewelry to compensate for his infidelity and lack of comittment is considered trading if she had somehow re-written the definition of trading up. And maybe I did come from money, but I wasn't raised with a warped view of myself - I wasn't raised to be defined by the things I own.

And there was silence in the noise.

Her answer..was....

Not everyone can live a perfect life like you. Some of us have to take what we get.

And then it dawned on me. She was bitter.

My life is not perfect. Far from it.

From outside of the window, I guess that's how it looks. I have a great Toyota (more like a Lamborghini to me!), I have an amazing apartment, great family and friends, and my shoe and handbag collection is to die for.

But come inside. See that I work too much. I sleep too little. I'm a mess when it comes down to it. I duck phone calls from friends because I'm in a nasty mood. I bite my lip until it bleeds four times a week and cover it with pink lip gloss. My hair periodically falls out from stress. I suffer panic attacks in the middle of the night.

My life is not perfect. *I* am not perfect.

So I hand her a $20 and tell her to go buy a clue. Life isn't about what you have, it's about who you are. And that Marc Jacobs bag? It won't be in style in six weeks. Then what? She left - doubt we'll be speaking any time soon.

This was too long and I'm rambling now.

Just angry, I guess..that people can know you..but never KNOW you.

So before you envy someone..walk in their shoes first and see if it's really all you think it is.

Despite it all, though..I had a great time. And when we danced T.I.'s "Live Your Life", I never sang Rihanna's part louder than tonight.

Maybe that is what it's all about.

Just live your life, baby.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, Mr. Moo and I took one of our trips (totally non-club related) and we discovered an island designed like the island out of the show Lost. :) It was so cute. Here are some great pics from the trip.

So this begs the question..

If you were stuck on an island alone..

What would you bring? And what would you do..?



Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Time Ever..

I fell asleep on my laptop! Holy shit! I'm sick again..

So I tossed back some NyQuil..

And wham. Passed out on the laptop in bed.

I woke up all jumbled and logged off..can't remember if I even spoke..

I'll never mock Moo again..