Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, Mr. Moo and I took one of our trips (totally non-club related) and we discovered an island designed like the island out of the show Lost. :) It was so cute. Here are some great pics from the trip.

So this begs the question..

If you were stuck on an island alone..

What would you bring? And what would you do..?




Parker said...

I do do pretty much what I do in my house since I am always alone. As far as what I would bring, well, laptop and I had better have wireless internet on the island too.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm SERENITY NOW! A deserted island? Just me? How much luggage could I bring? Details Bliss, I need details :) :)

wtchy said...

You know that is my favorite show of all time! *waits for the link*

Crighton Johin said...

I'm always lost and I don't need an island for it. :-p

If I'm on a desert island, I require music and 500 of my favorite songs....possibly more. So my desktop would suffice. And kick ass speakers. And wireless internet.