Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two Years..

Well, I'm f-ing late, eh?

On February 12, 2009 Blissie Boucher turned two. Two years old in SL..which like like being..really old in SL.

So Kim and Crighton got together and threw a party for me at the Glamshack which was a lot of fun. I'm always amazed that Crighton remembers all of the songs I like. I got some great gifts and I think a wonderful time was had by everyone.

And I thought to myself, as I shopped for my 100,000th outfit, what have I learned in my two years here?

So here's a list of things I've learned:

1. Don't click whole folders to get dressed - you just end up looking like a freak.
2. Pretty is all relative - if you love it, rock it. If you're wearing it to fit in..stop.
3. Clubs can and will suck the life out of you eventually. From too many contests to handing out too many tips - it can get to be too much for you. So when you feel it coming, take a step back.
4. If you find a DJ you love, get in their group! You'll be happy you did, because good DJs are like great flexi-skirts; hard to find.
5. If you find a STORE you love, get in the group and take a LM!!! Leaving with out a LM will make you kick yourself.
6. If you decide to quietly go afk during something, it is 100% gauranteed that someone WILL speak to you and you WILL be called out on your afkness.
7. Just as you're about to purchase the most amazing thing will crash.
8. You'll start to schedule your day around SL and events. Don't. If you miss events or parties..just let it go. SL is for fun..just enjoy the time you're on..and let it be. It's VERY easy to get sucked in.
9. No shoe in SL should be 1,000L. But damn, those are the ones that look the best!
10. Nothing is impossible. :) If you can dream it, SL can make it happen.
11. Some fights are not worth having. Just step back and take it easy. Getting all hyper over a situation doesn't make it better.
12. Some people exist just to watch the world burn. There's no reason for what they do. Happens in first and second.
13. Love in SL is a funny thing. And as a wise DJ once told me, you CAN open your heart and learn to love different people in different ways. It's amazing to let people into your heart and to be let into other people's hearts as well. Just remember that the love you have in your RL shouldn't take a backseat.
14. You WILL be exposed to amazing music you never expected to love. :) be prepared to download constantly.
15. Take pictures! In SL, every picture will remind you of every amazing memory and every hysterical moment you've lived.
16. Try it. Whatever it is. Hosting, DJing, designing, building..whatever. TRY it. You may love it.
17. Gestures can be fun..but too many gestures are chat spam - especially the ones that take up the whole screen.
18. SL costs money. ROFL. Accept it. :)
19. People leave SL. As much as you don't want them to, they move on. They go to other games, they go back to RL..but they go. Just remember the great times with them..and keep doing your thing.
20. Consider every decision with a poor outcome..or negative consequences to be a beautiful mistake. Why is it beautiful? Because you learned a lesson from it. No matter how bad things can and will survive - on your own and with the help of friends.
21. Drama. Will happen. You can be like a ducky and let it roll off of your back like water, or you can add fuel to the fire with a gas can. Your part is always your choice.

So..if you're new to SL, those are some helpful hints. I'm guilty of all of the above and proud of all of the above.

:) It's Slife, baby. Just live it and have fun.



Parker said...

Wow, it took you two years to learn all of that? Thank you for your list. I agree with you and it has give cause for contemplation. However, #6? I have quietly gone AFK many, many times for several minutes at a time in the middle of parties and such and no one has known. There is something nice about hiding in the corner. ;-)

wtchy said...

as usual you insight is so wonderful to hear. you are a special special person blissie and i love you to pieces......