Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pulling the Brim Down..

So I do learn lessons..and I do take advice.


But it happens.

When I first met Borday, he offered up some advice to me..which, at the time, I didn't take. He said "Bliss..you can't fix everything. Just let it go."

And a thousand shitstorms later, I'm learning. I'm trying not to intervene..or 'help'.

But here's the thing.

I've lowered the brim on my SL baseball cap and I'm just hanging around now. What you do..what you sow and what you reap..that's totally your business. Just don't cry about it to me.

Some wise old guy told me something..about cleaning up my side of the street. "If I have a problem with someone, I need to clean up my side of the street....that's the only thing I'm responsible for." I trust his advice. And in my own way, I've been taking it.

So I'll be here..with my eyes shielded from everything..trying not to stare at the carnage to come as I sweep and stuff.

Thanks for the advice. This time I'll actually take it.


Monday, March 30, 2009



Yesterday was a long day..

I was in a bad place too, I think. PMS anyone?

But nothing an ice cream cupcake from Cold Stone couldn't fix.

So I sit here..feet up on my desk staring out the window at the people across the street. They've had this happy birthday sign up for three weeks now. Wonder why..?

Then..at the corner is the hair salon/spa on the fifth floor. Someone's getting a frizzy blow out. Ahahahah.

And there's someone standing at my office door waiting..

Patiently waiting for me to turn around..or for me to acknowledge them in some way.


Not gonna happen today.

I don't feel like it..

Lots of stuff swirling in my head now..

And the person at the door..whomever they are..isn't one of them.

I'll just keep facing the window and blog until they go away.

Any minute now.......


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, I'm really fucking tired. And this is such an un-me like post, you may want to skip it.

All of this time in SL and I've dabbled.

Played in clubs, in stores, in parties..in lots of things.

I've had my time in everything and found that..nothing really suits me well.

And I encourage everyone to find their own way..and their own niche.

And people do.

But I've got to say..

I miss my friends. I miss everyone now.

I miss having fun. I miss wandering..and doing stupid things.

I'm sick as fucking hell of clubs..of SL work..of everything. It's so much..that I despise all SL clubs. I show up to support my friends and the people that I love..but I really..truly..hate clubs.

And yes. I get that the lindens help the working in SL, and a lot of people do it for their LOVE of what they do.

But I'm just saying..

I'm tired of everyone being so busy and caught up in their own SL careers to remember what two years ago was like.

I got this great five person pose in the bunny hunt..

But I can't find five people that aren't working to join me.

So yeah, I feel mopey and bummed.

And it's nobody's problem but mine - and I am the one that said I was drifting away in my own way..

But that's it.

Just how I feel.

And I'm not ungrateful for the friends that find time to fit me into their busy schedule. I really appreciate it, and I love just being able to spend time with them.



Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Days....and Nights.....

So..I was doing my usual thing at the Savoy..piano dancing and having fun on a late Saturday night. Very late...

When I decided to visit Bev. BUT! On the drive over, my car stalled. I tried to push it..but I couldn't move it.

So I called Bev on my cell, and she drove over to come and get me. What a friend!

So we waited for AAA to come and tow my car, and posed for a few great snapshots. Oddly enough, we've been asked to be the new AAA models. :)

So the next day, I woke up and found out dinosaurs were alive and well in my backyard! I had a great conversation with this guy. I named him Walter.

Then I tried to talk to this guy - I named him Marty. But Marty..was not as nice as Walter.

For obvious reasons..he and I won't ever speak again.

So, I ran away from him and I met up with Nessie. She gave me a ride in the water and we had a long talk. She's really misunderstood..not a monster at all.

So I decided to sky dive my way home. Felt like old times, I think.

It was a really busy time. :) But lots of fun!

Hope you had a great day too!


Saturday, March 21, 2009


So lately, something weird has been happenings..

I've been drifting back to RL more and more.

I once sat through listening to a friend go ON and ON about how great it was to go back to RL and leave SL behind, etc. Lord, I wanted to slap him.

I don't feel that way about SL at all.

But in a way, I do kind of feel like maybe..

Whatever was keeping me in SL..whatever was making me log on and STAY on for hours and hours on end..has run it's course.

Do NOT mistake this for me saying I don't care about the friends I've made in SL.

I do.

But I also realized..that my SL time was eating up my RL time. It was eating up the time and energy and EMOTION I should have been spending on my better half (and lately, that's what he really has been)..my nieces and my nephews..my siblings..my parents..my friends, etc.

I got so caught up being Blissie..that I lost the real me somewhere.

And while a part of me feels guilty for having somewhat vanished from my old role in SL, I think a bigger part of me knows that I am where I belong. And not being so caught up in SL has allowed me to chill out a lot.


I was getting wound up over things in SL..and that's just nutty when you think about it.

So now, there's no wound up me..no scheduled me..no caught up me.

Just me. :) Just me wandering around my RL, getting re-acquainted and wandering around my SL playing dress up like I did so many years ago. Nothing serious and nothing heavy.

RL is heavy enough, why add to it?

So while I'm never going to leave SL completely (I can admit that I'm addicted to SL), my time is shorter now. I'm okay with that. I really only use my time now to catch up with the friends I've missed and shop. I do what I do best.

I miss not being at every event..not being able to support all of my friends, but I think..they understand. And I'm always around if anyone needs me - I answer IMs even from e-mail, so I'm never completely MIA.

I always said, if I could leave SL with one real friend, it would have all been worth it - and I think I have more than one outside of SL that have drifted into my RL. So I consider me pretty blessed.

All of this drifting, I tell ya..

:) Thank you for sticking with my ramblings.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some random moments..

Here are some random pics I've taken lately. :) Enjoy.


Monday, March 9, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure..

Hey, we all have them.

:) So here's mine...

Yes, I am a Keeping Up with the Kardashians fan.

Yes, I did lay in bed (though I was sick) on Sunday and watch the 8 hour marathon - though moving wasn't an option at ALL. LOL!

It was the best way to pass the day without having to sit up, I think.

:) I think everyone should check it out for some mindless fun - and at the very least, great fashion.

Also, newly discovered..

Think your day sucks?

Instant Cheer-Up:


The stories are so insane, you can't help but laugh.



Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skinny Bitch..

So, if you've ever bought a crap book (like I have) because someone said.."you should try it, it's great", but it's really crap..

Then you know what I'm thinking today.

It's a crap book that, I think, plays more on body insecurities than anything.

Yes, it is honest - about food, alcohol, COFFEE, etc. Stuff we know, but really do ignore.

While it's sometimes funny (there's a whole section on diet soda that I wanted to die laughing over - if you drink it and love it, you may want to skip that part..)..it's mostly nasty (most of the time they refer to the reader as a fatass, slob, etc.).

So if you've already got a really bad body image..skip it. Skip the WHOLE book. It'll put you into some kind of depression.

But if you're full of ego (like me!), and a knock down or two off of your high horse won't drive you nuts..try it.

At the end, I think..if you pull out 3/4 of the advice and use it, your lifestyle can change dramatically for the better. And sometimes we do need things said..in a certain way to actually pay attention.

But the WHOLE book doesn't need this vicious tone - it's overkill.

The writers are super opinionated - tofu is NOT God's gift to humans - I don't care how many innocent cows I'll save. I'll never trade meat for tofu as long as I live..and no matter what they try to tell me about the innocent slaughter of animals. Not. Gonna. Happen.

But. Some of the advice IS sound and some things I already do (or have given up).

So..it's a 50/50 on this book. Some good advice versus a nasty ass tone.

But what did I expect with something that has "bitch" in the title, eh?



Friday, March 6, 2009

I Pose This Question..

Who goes to an SL club..

To pay someone..

To show them..their cartoon boobs?

I mean..

That's 100L or more wasted right there.

I could buy an outfit in some stores for that.

So..do you go to clubs and tip the dancers who say "208L more will get my top off!"? If so..why? What about THAT dancer is worth 208L? Go to a skin store and check out the boobs for free!

Like..I'll always tip my friends..the DJs, the hosts, etc.

But strippers humping a pole? I..don't think so. :)

:) The club ho..will forever boggle my mind.....


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So with Mr. Moo having vanished for two days..leaving me to my own devices..

I did a few things..

1. Went afk. A lot.
2. Tried to find decent hair with Bev..we may have come to the conclusion that bald is better than what's out there for sale. Yuck!
3. I went to Parker's poetry reading at her pub which was a lot of fun! :) I like trying new things..and this was totally worth it - if you can, you should go too!
4. I went to a party where a Linden said goodnight to me! (sweats) Thanks, Joonie!
5. I decorated the bakery for Easter - complete with an egg coloring kit put out!
6. I went to Busy's new gig at the After Hours Bar - check it out if you can.
7. I took some pictures.

:) All in all, I managed to keep myself out of trouble for two whole days - I'm quite proud of myself. I even finished Twilight last night.

So, this is another crap post. :) Just to amuse myself mostly. Here's a picture of me trying out for National Geographic.

No rare birds..were harmed in the making of this picture - spooked a little from my camera flash..but not harmed!