Saturday, March 21, 2009


So lately, something weird has been happenings..

I've been drifting back to RL more and more.

I once sat through listening to a friend go ON and ON about how great it was to go back to RL and leave SL behind, etc. Lord, I wanted to slap him.

I don't feel that way about SL at all.

But in a way, I do kind of feel like maybe..

Whatever was keeping me in SL..whatever was making me log on and STAY on for hours and hours on end..has run it's course.

Do NOT mistake this for me saying I don't care about the friends I've made in SL.

I do.

But I also realized..that my SL time was eating up my RL time. It was eating up the time and energy and EMOTION I should have been spending on my better half (and lately, that's what he really has been) nieces and my friends, etc.

I got so caught up being Blissie..that I lost the real me somewhere.

And while a part of me feels guilty for having somewhat vanished from my old role in SL, I think a bigger part of me knows that I am where I belong. And not being so caught up in SL has allowed me to chill out a lot.


I was getting wound up over things in SL..and that's just nutty when you think about it.

So now, there's no wound up scheduled caught up me.

Just me. :) Just me wandering around my RL, getting re-acquainted and wandering around my SL playing dress up like I did so many years ago. Nothing serious and nothing heavy.

RL is heavy enough, why add to it?

So while I'm never going to leave SL completely (I can admit that I'm addicted to SL), my time is shorter now. I'm okay with that. I really only use my time now to catch up with the friends I've missed and shop. I do what I do best.

I miss not being at every event..not being able to support all of my friends, but I think..they understand. And I'm always around if anyone needs me - I answer IMs even from e-mail, so I'm never completely MIA.

I always said, if I could leave SL with one real friend, it would have all been worth it - and I think I have more than one outside of SL that have drifted into my RL. So I consider me pretty blessed.

All of this drifting, I tell ya..

:) Thank you for sticking with my ramblings.



wtchy said...

love you bliss ;)

Yordie Sands said...

You know Blissie, if you read the blogs of friends, we all need a breat from SL from time to time... I go through this regularly.. but I always return to the convience of a world where I can be and do whatever I want... I think more avies should recognize how helpful a break can be. hugzzz, Yordie

Parker said...

Understand? UNDERSTAND??? You expect ME to understand? I miss my Ms. Blissfulness immensly when she isn't around. Well, actually I do understand quite well. I am finding as the reason I came into SL in the first place diminishes the less I am in SL. I feel I have established some great RL connections for my writing in SL, but mostly I feel as if I have created some wonderful friendships in SL with totally awesome RL people. I come in to see those folks mostly and enjoy them. anything else is gravy on the taters. Thank you for being there and allowing me the honor of knowing you.