Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Jumbled..Bumbled..Brain!

A nice..reminder:

I love this picture. It says "Life is What You Make it...All You Need Is a Little Faith.."

The website's cute. I found it googling BUBBLES!

So, this weekend has, like many others, passed by in a blur!

My sleep's back to eratic. As usual, it'll pass on its own.

Yesterday I went to Citi Field for the first time - it was chilly..but the new stadium is beautiful. Sadly, it's not Shea, though. It feels so..cold. Nothing like Shea; the memories are missing - I think that's what really bothers me about it.

I hopped on in time to make Mikki's fashion show - which was a blast. I didn't fall off of the stage, but I came darn close.

After running in several circles, I ran out of the house to attend a surprise party for my uncle's 50th birthday. Started out HORRIBLE, but once the DJ took over, it was worth the wait. Since I was the designated driver, I crammed everyone into my car and returned them all home safe and sound. Whew. (True Quote!)

Cousin: Slow it down - I can't die tonight.
Me: So you have acceptable times of day to die?
Cousin: I have a thong on with Minnie Mouse on it. Paramedics will have a field day with me.
Me: I have a hole in my tights. Right on the butt.
Cousin: I can see the headlines now. "Beautiful Girls in Bizarre Undergarments die in Speeding BMW Crash."
Boyfriend: So the four others in the car..won't get mentioned?
Me: "Beautiful Girls in Bizarre Undergarments and Others Die in Speeding BMW Crash".
Boyfriend: Oh that's just great.
Cousin: We could skip the headlines and you could JUST slow down.
Me: This is slow.

It was fun - nice night out, though. I always have fun when a certain group of us hang out.

Another night of tossing and turning..

Then this morning we spread a blanket on the roof and had a quiet picnic breakfast with the sun rising beyond the park. I love it..the sky turns this beautiful purple-ish shade..and then pink..then orange..and then viola! The sun is there. It just warms your skin..your soul..your everything. Something about the Spring makes you feel pretty damn good, I think. The winter drags me down, I think. New York looks cold and gray in the winter.

Anyway! Then I ran back downstairs and grabbed bubbles.

You know..little kid bubbles? The messy, soapy..great little bottle of joy?

Yeah. I bought six for my nephew - don't ask.

So I grabbed two..and we sat on the roof blowing bubbles for the longest time. Seems funny, doesn't it ? That the simple act of blowing a little kid..would make you feel so good.

But it did. And it's one of those things..that kind of reminds you of where your head should be in life.

The secret of a good hidden in a bubble?

We wandered over to the park for a short walk..the weather was AMAZING today.

Good always puts me in a great mood.

So this afternoon, Moo and I had coffee. :) I shut the door on all IMs..and decided to let everyone have a Blissie free afternoon. So it was just us, just hanging out quietly. No clubs, no DJs, no nada. My favorite way to spend my time with Moo.

I suggest everyone take some time away and just relax too.

Does a heart good. :)



Kimala said...

I'm all about the bubbles too Bliss :) Our babysitter brought over a bubble machine when the twins were 2 and I think we wore the poor thing out... Eyore's (sp?) little arm raising and lowering mechanically to blow em into the room... Anyway... sometimes I think it is the smallest of pleasures that remind us how important life is :) And... btw... I personally am relieved to know you would wear tights with a hole in the butt!! Hee hee

Cheers ;)

Parker said...

The joy a bottle of bubbles can bring. Laughing, giggling, running after them. Watching the children sit on the side waiting impatiently for their turn to play with the bottle of wonder.