Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh Good Lord..

Well, this week has been a crazy one.

Sunday I logged off of SL violently ill. So I haven't eaten much since Saturday - needless to say I am now 6 pounds lighter.

I crawled into work on Tuesday to find that one of the companies I do business with, had just placed an exclusive deal with a competitor of mine - a deal that was a) illegal according to New York State Law and b) completely a slap in the face to a recent agreement worked out with me.

So, my blood pressure hit the ROOF.

This deal - while it was crap - could cost me several of my medium sized accounts or hundreds of thousands of dollars if I did retain the clients.

So I've had..issues driving me nuts for the last few weeks.

And finally, this week, I think I just lost my temper with everyone on everything.

I beyond exploded at the company representative who smugly told me that there was nothing wrong with this deal..and that he had every right to do it.

By nature, I don't pick fights. I walk away. I..walk away and I think it through. But walking out on a lovers fight and walking out on a meeting..two different things.

So, before I walked out of the meeting - the first time in my professional career that I have ever WALKED out on fucking bullshit meeting - I told him that I am not about to start a pissing contest. And he smiled. Because..he thought I was giving up. So I leaned in very close..and said, in the softest voice I could muster..that if it was a war with me that he wanted, so be it. I wouldn't just pull SOME business. I'd pull it all. Go ahead and test me. I'm all bite, no bark.

And that was it.

I walked out. I left a room of people sitting there..completely mortified.

And today as I sat at my desk thinking of how I could apologize..and undo this complete act of insanity..I got a call to tell me, the agreement with my competitor had been pulled. Just. Like. That. I was told..war with me was never the intention, and that this was never thought all the way through. And..

I won.


I put my feet up on my desk today and I laughed because..for the first time in a long time, I WON.

My thoughts are all choppy..because it's late..and I still don't feel well.

But you know. :)

Just like IMing me, I guess.



Joonie Jatho said...

Sometimes winning is overrated and not that important. NOT THIS TIME, BABY!!

I'm ao happy for you! *does the victory dance*


wtchy said...

awesome!!!!! kudos for you blissie, you make me proud to know you!