Monday, May 11, 2009

Does the Heart Ever Forget....?

So..lately I've been so down.

Like REALLY down.

And you wouldn't know it from chat (mainly because I say so little these days and spend so much time AFK).

And I couldn't quite convey to Bev WHY I felt the way I did. Just like..

Something was missing.

And when I logged last night..I thought to myself..maybe tonight will be the last time I log off - maybe my time here has run it's course.

And then.

I logged in tonight..and I got an IM..from someone I have missed so very, very much. You don't really realize how much you miss someone until they vanish from your life completely.

And for an instant..I was..shocked. Like. NO WAY..OMFG!!

:) In a good way, of course.

And we spent a long time catching up.

And I missed him even MORE when he logged off back to reality.

But my friend was back. :) My big brother was back.

So I truly believe the SL gods were seriously sick of my moping. And they sent me someone that could drag me out of my funk. And..he did.

And I realized..that no matter how far away we travel from each other..from SL..from RL..we never forget the people in our hearts.

We never forget those people because they made our lives better..richer..happier.

:) So thank you, SL gods. Thank you for tossing me this one bone. I appreciate it. Send him back again soon.



wtchy said...

we all go through this i think blissie. i am glad the your friend showed up, cuz i would hate to lose you in sl!

Parker said...

I do agree, don't want to lose our Blissie. I am glad you were able to have the right person there to bring you back.