Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goodbye WWD, Rolland Rock!!

It was a very unique night last night (despite the 1,001 crashes).

Bev closed down her WWD store in Rolland Rock.

We agreed to rezz sleeping bags and champagne..and say goodbye to the empty store in the best way possible.

While I'll miss Rolland Rock - my former home as well - and I'll always carry with me the great memories Bev and I had there, I know there are so many more memories to be made at her new store.

So, check it out when you get a chance - you will NOT be sorry. :)





wtchy said...

that was such a fun night blissie and made it so much easier to say goodbye. I know it is crazy but I was really sad about leaving Rolland and you have made it a little easier :). Thanks for understanding and being such a wonderful friend. *clinks her flute on yours*, and heres to GREAT times in the new store :) HOOOO!

Bliss said...

*hug* I know how hard it was to leave there. And I wouldn't have been anywhere else! :) And you put up with my 10,000 crashes. LOL