Monday, June 1, 2009

Do You Ever Wonder.....?

What draws us to some people?

What makes us want to be in their company?

There are so many people in SL, each with someone to offer. you always gravitate towards the same people? Why is that?

I met someone in SL when I first started (oh so long ago) and he became a very big part of my SL. I'd like to say he was my best friend. He seeped from my SL into my RL and became part of my daily life.

And then one day, he was gone. It wasn't that fast, but it felt that way - here today, gone tomorrow.

And recently I met someone new. And long gone are my noob days of accepting everyone as a friend. So I grilled and I showed my utter distaste for..and I was downright rude.

But there was something there.

Something that reminded me of my long lost friend so much, that I went back to sniff out more. Was my friend back in ALT form?

And I sniffed and I poked and I prodded..

And it was someone new, but the feeling was so old. So familiar and comfortable.

And isn't it strange? Even in a virtual world, people can leave their mark on you.

I still miss my friend a lot..and nobody will ever replace him - but I'm SLOWLY learning that I can find new friends to be just as comfortable with. I guess if they're willing to take the six months for me to warm up....LOL

:) Old tricks..TOTAL LIE, I think.

Did I ramble enough?


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Parker said...

You do have some powerful ALTradar.