Tuesday, June 9, 2009

:) Oh my friend.....

So, I don't like to single out one friend in SL to blog about or thank - mainly because I love all of my SL friends and everyone brings something great into my life. But sometimes, you need to stop for a moment and acknowledge someone that really makes your life (no S) better.

Have you met Beverly Zauberflote? Well, if not, you're really missing out.

A long time ago, a friend of mine brought his girlfriend around. The very first thing I did was shoot her. Literally..shot her..and orbited her out of my apartment.

And she came back.

And she made him really happy.

And soon, I realized that I was IMing with her about as much as I IMed with him!

And thus, a friendship with Bev was born.

And long after he left, we were still good friends.

When things were really really shitty for me, she listened. She offered advice and support. And she didn't judge - not even when I knew everyone else did. And my deepest darkest secrets? The worst there is to know about me? She knows it. And she keeps it to herself. She never brings it up - never throws it in my face.

Looking for me? Lots of times you can find me sitting on a chair next to her while she builds. Don't get me started on her furniture. There isn't a single thing that she can't make in SL; I know, I've asked for every kind of oddity there is!

Do you know that sometimes someone says something that kind of never leaves you?

Her line..the one thing she said that I'll always remember is..:

Hop on. We're taking the elevator up.

:) When she said it..that one day in particular, I was a mess. A hot mess. Let me tell you.

Now, I look back and sincerely appreciate the way she walked with me down my path in SL until I'd found my own skin again (no, not my skin skin..my skin).

And the beauty about Bev? She doesn't hide her imperfections. She's honest about who she is too. Warts and all, I say. So our friendship isn't one sided..where she knows all of the bad stuff about me, and I only get to see the glittery fairytale version of her. We're both village girls - no perfection, no princesses and no drama queens. Just two girls doing handstands and hooing for the fun of it all.

When I laid on her poof last night while she worked and chatted, I realized, Bev's become just as much a part of my RL as she has my SL.

So my goal, in this life, is to pay it forward. All of the good things Bev has offered me in our friendship, I try to offer others too. I try to pay it forward. Serving of good karma, anyone?

I can name at least a dozen other "love me and my warts!" great women in SL. :) I admire them for being themselves - good or bad.

I try to surround myself with true, honest people in SL. I wouldn't settle for any less in RL - so why do it in SL?

So grab a giant chocolate bar and a good friend and just chat it up. Talk about life, love, the pursuit of SL happiness! :)

P.S. - I do love you all. Everyone brings something into my life and makes my heart that much richer and better. While I'm not as close to some people as I am to others, that doesn't mean I appreciate you any less. If I speak to you at all, I MUST love you - my friends list is just that, a FRIENDS list. Not an occassional glance list. :)



Joonie Jatho said...

OMG I absolutely love that! When the boys are gone...it's our awesome gfs that lift us up and make us feel better. I know because you have done that for me.

Here's to your friendship! *clink*


wtchy said...

sits here crying (at work). you are one special woman blissie and you know i treasure you and your friendship. who'd a thunk that i would grow to love my would be assassin???? but it do.....
hugs you tightly while trying to get the chocolate off her pants.....

Bliss said...

I love you guys! :) You two are a very big part of my SL survival! LOL!

Great girlfriends should be #1 on the SL Survival Guide list.