Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Is Sexy?

So have you ever asked yourself..

What is sexy?

Is it a state of mind? Attitude? Look? Feel?

To is an attitude.

It isn't someone THINKING they're sexy.

Sexy is someone that makes you want to follow them.

Sexy is someone that is strong - both body and heart.

Sexy is someone that doesn't always do the popular thing..but they do the right thing.

Sexy is totally an attitude.


What's sexy to you?



Parker said...

I am in agreement with you. Sexy is attitude. I once worked with a guy who was the bar manager and he was always in a suit. He looked great and carried himself well. One day he came in to do inventory and I sat there watching him. He was in sweats and still carried himself the same. I stopped him and one point and said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but you are a very sexy man. You carry yourself the same way no matter how you are dressed." He blushed and fumbled a 'thank you', but said he didn't think so. It was that moment I wish neither of us were involved with others.

wtchy said...

some of the things that are sexy to me:
a touch (the one that gives you shivers)
a look (the one that makes your knees weak)
an effort extraordinaire (like backstage tickets to NKOTB)
confidence (without any cockiness)
moral character (with a tad bit of naughty)
humor (make me laugh and i am yours)
generosity (says so much about a man)
the ability to laugh at ones self
the ability to empathize
Big hands and a warm smile.....

Bliss said...

I may steal Bev's list..make it mine. LOL