Saturday, July 25, 2009

5 Random Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I bite my lip when I'm nervous.

2. I currently carry six lip glosses..and a palette of 3 lip glosses in my purse. Every day.

3. My underwear, right now, says Birthday Girl. Not my birthday today. Wasn't my birthday when I bought it.

4. I really love food. Not just dessert.

5. My hair is colored. Colored my natural color.

Your turn!!

1 comment:

wtchy said...

ok, here goes:
1. i wiggle my big toe incessantly, so much my step-daughter cracks up and attempts to emulate it.
2. i LOVE desserts, and could live off of them if my nutritionist would allow it. as long as i had coffee and milk of course. :)
3. i hate bras, but wear them. taking one of is like HEAVEN!
4. i love to sit on hot sand at the beach and dig my fingers and toes into it.
5. i love REALLY hot showers, like so hot it makes your skin tingle :)