Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Road to Home....

So for a long time..

I felt like this was my path to..happy. Blocked for one reason or another.

And I made a ridiculous amount of choices that only I can accept the blame for.

In three days, I will celebrate my 2 year anniversary with Moo.

It's been a turbulent ride for us at times - but two years into our friendship, I realized that it makes us who we are in a way. Do we drive each other NUTS? Hell, yeah. But at the end of the day, we always wander back to each other because WE are home.

I've spent my time reconnecting with old friends..NOT making any new ones..

My friend Prez is good people. He came in and when I had one foot off of the ledge to jump from SL, he pulled me back with good advice. Then we had a ridiculously funny conversation about the ass kicking the Tootsie Roll Owl needed for eating the lollipops of those kids (don't ask).

My old friends Kim and Aeryn came to visit. :) Checked out my new pool and hot tub. Was nice to hang out outside of a club and just chit chat - like the old days. :) I think I missed a big part of my original SL - which was outside of the clubs and businesses..and away from work.

A little sleepover with the lovely Bev and Joonie (and guest appearance by a poor male who should have run for his LIFE) was in order. It being the first time they've met, I was really excited that they clicked so well and we all had a great time just goofing off.

My "boss", Cal, returned from vacation and he's always a riot. His new radio DJing gig starts soon, and it's kinda cool to see someone grow so much in something they love over such a short period of time. :)

Speaking of DJs, our favorite Clynt Easterwood returned to DJing on Saturday night at his new club, Dirty Harry's. He opened to a house of 80 or so and still about 20 people stayed well after the show ended. :)

So my road to finding my way back home.....back to being ME...has been a long one. And it's been both good and bad figuring out where I went wrong and what it'll take to undo this. And I realized there IS no undo button. Just a move on button.

:) So, I'm kinda feeling things out..

Seeking out old friends in IM and remembering what has kept me in SL for so long. Finding my way back to being me and creating a life, first and second, that I am content with. Parts of me are still kinda blegh - but for the most part, I'm feeling better.

I guess, like the Phoenix....maybe I will rise again. :)

Thanks for sticking with me..I appreciate your support and love. All of you.




Parker said...

You take your time doing what you feel comfortable doing. There is always a place for you to dance at my pub and a chair for you in front of my fireplace. Not to mention that piece of my heart that will always be for Ms. Blissfulness.

Beverly said...

i count myself blessed to be on your friends list blissie. it is an honor to "be there" for you and a privelege to have you do the same for me.