Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Last Two Weeks in Picture Review...

Learning to have a blast again. :) Living SLife again.

I didn't get to grab a pic while at Bistro recently or while at Parky's pub. :) Sorry. But I was there! And I'll be better about taking more pics, I promise. I'm slowly getting back into being me again. SLOWLY. LOL

:) Enjoy the man candy shots too - but not too much. :P


Joonie said...

hahaha....those were awesome! Love the tat and that boy isn't bad either. *stares more*

I always love your pics, Bliss. Great poses, too!


Parker said...

Had to do a double take. Looked like you had a man mounted on your wall. Oy. And it is difficult to take happy snappies when you are AFK. I just like having you around more now.