Sunday, August 28, 2011

Windy Sunday Thoughts..

Well..what a week.

First, not one but TWO earthquakes tap New York. THEN we get slammed by Hurricane Irene (albeit a measly category one hurricane).

See, we're New Yorkers.  We're equipped for lots of things.  Blizzards, terrorist attacks, gangs, taxi get the idea.  What we are NOT equipped for is the earth beneath our feet moving for NO reason and the skies opening up and rocking our skyscrapers for NO reason.

Come on!

This is New York..we don't have these problems.  At least..we're not supposed to. 

What is this, "The Day After Tomorrow"?  Come ON! 

But thankfully, my loved ones are safe and sound - and beyond that, I can't ask for much more.  To all my friends up and down the east coast, I hope you're able to say the same. 

Be safe, friends.  Live every day to the fullest - you never know what tomorrow brings.

Sitting here on this windy Sunday evening..taking stock of all the news reports of flooding and damage, I know how lucky I am.


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