Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012....

This is insane.  I feel like 2012 just I was just saying goodbye to 2011 and trying to think of how 2012 would be different.

2012 is still kicking my ass, and now 2013 is getting ready to steamroll over me.  Sheesh!  Where did the time go?

Well, let's take a look at the year in review:

1.  I am now officially well into my 30's.  I'm not sure how exactly I feel about that.

2.  I went to Quebec City for the first time in my life.  I am completely in love with this city.  I will absolutely be returning.

3.  I've stopped being scared enough to open up and let someone into my heart.  I'm still SCARED......just not scared enough to hold back anymore.  Mostly because, for the first time in my life, I've realized that someone is willing to love me despite how incredibly broken I am. 

4.  I survived Superstorm Sandy, but New York was devastated.

Ground Zero During SuperStorm Sandy

5.  I lived through several predicted doomsdays and 12.12.12.  While that doesn't seem like an accomplishment, it is pretty damn cool.

6.  We discovered that my dad's prostate cancer has returned, and with a serious vengeance.  It spread to his liver and the lymph nodes in his stomach and back.  He started chemotherapy in September, and (knock on wood), so far he has handled everything well.  He survived a blood infection that had him in the hospital for 12 days, and just got a clean bill of health from the infectious disease doctor.

We have no idea what the future holds for him, but I know that we have gotten three more years with him than we ever expected - and I am thankful for every day with him. 

My year, while somewhat uneventful, has been really busy.  Between dad and Sandy, some days I went to bed wondering how I'd get through the next.

But, I did.

And I guess that's the lesson I've learned this year.

So my goal for 2013 is to be more:

and more

and less

I also plan on becoming more environmentally friendly:

I 100% plan on remembering the following every single day:

To close, I want to share the fantastic speech Hilary Swank delivers in the movie 'New Years Eve'.  Not a great movie, but this particular speech is extremely moving:

"'s (the ball) suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the new year, to stop and reflect on the year that has gone by.

To remember both our triumphs and missteps, our promises made and broken. The times we opened ourselves up to great adventures or closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt. Because that's what new year is all about -- getting another chance. A chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more. And stop worrying about what if and start embracing what would be. 

So when the ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let's remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other. And not just tonight but all year long."

Thank you for reading my blog, for staying a part of my crazy life (both first and second), and for being a part of my world.


Friday, December 28, 2012

A Blogger's Dilemma...

So here's the thing...

Blogging can be difficult.

I'm not trying to say I save lives or anything, but it can be a tough task.  As a blogger, you have to find a way to put your thoughts and emotions into a coherent post.  You need to engage your audience without seeming like you're 1) a moron 2) stuck up or 3) an all around jackass.  I think I'm 50/50 on those three - mostly because I blog just to get things off of my chest.  Depending on the can go either way, and I never really know how you guys feel about a blog post.  *insert impossibly awkward silence*


Now, if blogging is difficult, fashion blogging is downright IMPOSSIBLE.  Fashion blogging is a whole other animal.  You've got WAY more to consider, such as:

1.  Credits.  EVERYONE needs to be credited.  If you forget, you're the plague of the Earth.  If you mistakenly say one designers name instead of another, you're a liar and a fraud.  Seriously.

2.  Photos!  To be a fashion blogger, you have to take photos.  Pics.  Snappies.  Whatever you call them, you can't blog without them.  They need to show you AND the item being blogged about in a flattering light.  Otherwise, people will post on your blog that your pics are too dark, or too photoshopped or not photoshopped enough.  *exhales*

And above all else, your photo needs to be original.  As a fashion blogger, I seriously worship the ground that Stella Stapleton, Sylvia Olivier, Lysie Aristocrat, Strawberry Singh and Marleen Vaughan walk on.  Their pictures are always fresh, original, AMAZING and fitting to the blog post.  I can understand seeing someone's photo and saying.. "Wow, that's great.  I'd love to do something like that."  I can't understand "Wow, that's great.  I'm going to copy it exactly."  Don't do that.

3.  Staying Fresh.  It's not easy.  Believe me.  To blog daily is a job I am unable to undertake.  So, I try to blog as much as I can when I have the chance.  I don't blog new releases.  Why?  Because if you are a fashion blog've seen them.  The same dresses, the same jackets, the same hairs, the same skins, the same boots.  Why on Earth would you want to read five blogs that post the exact same item during the same one week span?

I like to think that I blog things that are not always mainstream - things you don't always see when you go to an SL party.  At least this way, when folks are blogging the new "bloggers pack" from whatever the day's most popular store is, you can click over to the Black Sheep Fashion Diaries and see something different.  Not that there's anything WRONG with blogging something from a blogger's pack.  A lot of talented bloggers do it, and that's perfectly cool.

But yeah, staying fresh is tough.  But it's fun when you can look at a blog post you did and feel that pride and amazing feeling of accomplishment for what you've done. 

4.  Content.  What are you blogging?  Some people can blog a flour sack and it'll be really trendy.  Others can look like fools.  Really, it all depends on how you present it.  I love the people who don't say anything about their outfit (aside from credits), but just post song lyrics..or poems instead.  It's so cool without being pretentious (and that's the name of the game sometimes).  I'm not so much a fan of people that dissect an entire outfit - including the intricate details, yada yada.  Ultimately, don't fashion blog crap text (that's a personal preference there.  Someone, somewhere may love technical blog posting on fashion).

So now you ask...what started this chatter in my brain that became a blog post chattering at you?

Well.  Every now and then this thing happens when people blog the same thing.  It happens.  Tonight I looked at my reading list and I saw two blog posts that were identical.  The pictures, the items being blogged, the EVERYTHING was the same.  I'm not saying someone did or did not do something here.  I'm just saying...................nothing.  I'm actually saying nothing.

But I'm saying something.  And I hope if you take anything away from this blog post, it's the following:

I like to read blog posts that aren't a carbon copy of another person's thoughts, emotions, creativity and imagination.  And you should too.

I'm Blissie Boucher, and those were my two cents.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Look at who we caught sneaking in with presents!

:) Doesn't hurt to believe in a little magic every now and then.

Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy holiday.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fashion Blog Preview..

Coming soon to the Black Sheep Fashion Diaries..

Super excited for you to see what's on tap for the blog.  :) 


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Something to Think About....

Maybe in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, there is some truth to this.

What's the old TS Eliot quote?

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

Scary, isn't it?

Well.  Sometimes, all you need to do is spread love.  Because that's all we can do to counter the senseless hate and violence all over the world.  Why?

I believe this.  With all my heart, I believe that love will always shine through in the darkest of hours.  And believe me, our hour as mankind is pitch black right now.

With that, I offer you..26 Random Acts of Kindness - not just to honor the Sandy Hook victims, but to remind us all that only we can spread the love and make this world a better place for the generations to come. 

This one is small, but it's my personal favorite.  A simple act, yet it can mean so much.

You try it now.  Tell me how you feel afterwards.....

:)  Happy almost Friday.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Must-Haves

So, I gave you gifting ideas.  Now, we need to talk about must-haves for your partying.

First!  No party is complete without a FANTASTIC bottle of champagne.  But here's the deal - it's kinda cool to give out individual mini-bottles of champagne.  You WILL be the hit of any party.  Enter the Nicolas Feuillatte mini-bottles.  They even come with a strap for your wrist so you don't LOSE it! 

A perfect holiday treat is always kind of hard to nail down.  Everyone loves cookies, but the whole chocolate chip cookie thing (while classic and delicious) is a little overdone.  Enter..the French Macaroon.  I grabbed a box in South Beach recently and completely fell in love with them AGAIN.  Colorful and different - they're eye catching to a guest or a hostess (who will love you for bringing these!).

GOOD FRIENDS!  Please.  Don't be the person that invites people to their party for popularity or to show off.  Invite your FRIENDS (not necessarily the people pictured below).  You should actually enjoy the company of those your with and not worry about them judging you or your party.

Last, but absolutely not least, if you're the hostess, you need to send your guests home with little goodie bags.  Whether it's filled with a cute scented candle, some holiday cookies or some gourmet chocolates, you cannot let your guests leave empty handed.  Presentation is everything!  Wrap it in a cute or catchy way and no matter what the gift is, everyone will love it and the effort you put into it.

Obviously there are more must-haves, but that's all for tonight.

:)  Sleep tight kids.  Six days to Christmas and counting!


Saturday, December 15, 2012

For Today...

I just returned from Art Basel Miami Beach. 

I'd forgotten I took this picture until I saw it today.

It feels fitting for this quiet Saturday.  It carries a sentiment we should all remember.

Happy Saturday, kids.


Friday, December 14, 2012


A terrible tragedy struck Sandy Hook, Connecticut today.  Innocent children were killed, tormented and traumatized.  Innocent children. 

I don't have much else to say because...really, what is there to say?  This is so beyond fucked up and horrific...that there isn't even a word for it.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families that have been touched by this heinous act.

Life is so precious, cherish every moment you can with those you love.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Gifting!

Let's waste no time.  Here we go:

The Gorjana leather jewelry case is a stylish way to travel with small treasures. A zip pocket details the sturdy exterior, and a wraparound zip opens to the lined interior with a zip pocket, 3 pouches, and 7 bands to keep jewelry in place.  Grab it here!

 The Kate Spade glitterball coin purse.  It's Kate Spade.  It glitters.

Come on.  Get it here!

For a limited time you can build your own custom OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 4/4S case. The Defender Series features three layers of solid protection plus a belt-clip holster. Built with a high-impact plastic shell, durable silicone skin and a built-in screen protector, the Defender Series iPhone 4/4S case is practically indestructible. Get protection that inspires confidence with the Defender Series by OtterBox.

Get it here!

 Happy holidays!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Guide 3!

Back!  Here we go!  Now for some fun with sparkles and baubles!

Inspired by a popular British tradition, Jouer introduces our version of a holiday cracker with Sparkle & Pop. This festive goodie is dressed in a beautiful pale pink box with sparkling gold confetti and a chic gift-tag for personalization. Jouer's Sparkle & Pop makes the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday party favor containing five fun surprises including a special Jouer treat. Pop, open and enjoy!
Party Horn
Chic Cocktail Ring (*varying styles)
Beauty Fortune (*varying messages)
Mini Champagne Bubbles
One of three Jouer Deluxe Samples:
Body Butter (0.21 oz.), Essential Lip Enhancer (0.07 fl. oz.), Glisten Moisturizing Lip Gloss (0.06 fl. oz.)

Grab it at Jouer.

I love BaubleBar.  Like..LOVE.  Seriously, truly, madly LOVE these ladies.  I've even been to The Bar, the newly opened BaubleBar store in New York City.  The baubles, the staff, the amazing.  BaubleBar is doing a collaboration with Essie.  You get to pick a nail polish, and match it with three bracelets you love.  They all come together in one sweet little clutch.  Believe me, it's so fantastic - I bought two.  :)  BaubleBar sells SO many amazing things - you won't regret clicking this link to BaubleBar.

The last time I went to Boston, I fell into this amazing store, 1154 LILL Studio.  The concept of designing your own handbag is mind blowing.  You get to feel and see the fabric of the inside of your handbag (purse, clutch, makeup bag, etc.) and then pick the fabric on the outside.  It's so much fun and an amazingly personalized gift to give someone without being cheesy.  They've got several stores, but you can order online as well.  Just click here.

Best stocking stuffer EVER.  Mindy Kaling is hilarious and downright brilliant in this book.  I swear to you, it's like she stole almost every thought out of my head and published it.  Give one to every girlfriend -they will thank you.  Grab it at your local Barnes & Noble.

That's all for now.  :)  Enjoy.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Ayn and Hart

So you all know about my dad and how hard things have been and yada yada.

But what I rarely get to do, is to thank the people that have genuinely made things easier and calmed the crazy around me.

Two such people in my life are Ayn Tomsen and Hartigan Beck.  Or, as I say, Ayn and Hart. 

They've been my friends for the last five years (FIVE!) since we all met at ROB's.  Club openings, closings, the usual SL comings and goings..and we always stayed in touch.  They've gone through make-ups and break-ups with me; and they're always happy to let me loaf around while they build or shoot or just hang out on their dock and chat. 

When my dad got sick in 2009, they both made it a point to reach out to me as often as possible to see how I was and how my dad was doing.  They never want anything, or ask for anything.  There's never any drama or exhausting gossiping.  Just two genuinely nice people who care.   

I couldn't ask for two better friends.  I am incredibly thankful to have them in my life all of these years later.

Thank you guys!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gifting Guide 2

Aaaaand..we're back!

Obey cosmic skull baseball tee.  Come on.  I love Shepard Fairey.  LOVE.  Don't know what Obey is about?  Click here to educate yourself about Obey.  And then shop for the tee on the official Obey site,

100% Gumdrop Jewelry for the smartypants girl.  Come on.  We all own the super expensive customized nameplate necklace (thanks, Carrie).  But here's an affordable stocking stuffer version for everyone in your life.  Available with a lot of different words - and so cute!  Grab yours at Gumdrop.

If you really love someone, you WILL gift them with Jeni's splendid ice cream.  Believe me, they will instantly love you back.  The salty caramel is to DIE for.  Ship them off to your loved ones from Jeni's website.

Okay.  That's all for now loves.  :)

More to come.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Gift Guiding

I'd love to do something like.."One Gift Suggestion a Day" for my blog, but I can't find the time to sew the button back onto my winter coat, let along blog every day.


Here's a few quick things that I think are super cute and affordable.

The Minimergency Kit!  I have this, I love this.  It's tiny, fits in your purse (not your clutch) and it contains some of the best basics for a night of partying or hanging out.  And the glittery nature glams it up - so you don't feel like someone's grandma giving a super functional gift.  You can snatch it up at Pinch Provisions.


The backup battery for the iPhone.  I don't know about you, but I'm a lunatic.  I carry a charger in my purse.  But THIS!  This is a box you charge on your computer and then drop it in your bag if your phone need a quick juicing up.  You can grab this at J. Crew.  Be careful, they're running out FAST.

Sexy beaded knit gloves.  Who doesn't love a great pair of gloves?  And as a gift, if you give a super cute's even BETTER.  There's also a matching scarf if you like giving sets.  You can grab these from Zara.  Because Zara is true love.

That's all for now.  :)  More to come as I sneak in some holiday blogging time.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Open Letter to Ms. Marlene Vaughan

Dear Marlene,

I hope all is well.  I wanted to put this in a note card, but I think this is something I want everyone to know.

You.  Are.  Amazing.

As a designer, as a photographer, as a blogger, and as a friend - you are above and beyond amazing.

A little known fact is, many, many many, many years ago I ran a fashion showcase.  And you were a participant.  You set up a whole shop for me - while some vendors only threw up a few vendor boards.  Click the link to see this 2008 blog entitled Marly's! showcase blog

In any event.  You was super amazing then, and because of that, I've stayed a fan of you and your blog CoffeeSmoke (side note:  AMAZING).  The power of genuine kindness is truly phenomenal.   

When I came across the Concerned Bloggers Association, I knew I wanted to be a part of this venture that would address a different topic each month from the point of view of several bloggers.  It was a brilliant concept - and the goal was touching and so reflective of the kind of people I think the CBA is made up of.   

And then my dad and his sickness consumed my life.

And I fell behind on blogging and on logging in in general.  I was honestly a ghost.

And you?  Well.  You were never upset that I wasn't pulling my weight.  In fact, you offered support and kindness and told me not to worry about it.  You made it a point to inquire about my dad and about MY well being.

You leave positive feedback on every blog post I make - and you're so supportive.

So, I wanted to say THANK YOU.  For the awesomeness that is you, for the opportunities you have offered me, and for the kindness you have extended.  You.  Are.  AMAZING.  



Monday, November 26, 2012


In love with this picture.  So here's a sneak preview of an upcoming blog post.

Happy Monday.  :)


Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Tis the Season

For those who don't know me....I seriously LOVE this time of year. 

So, as soon as I packed away the Thanksgiving decorations...the tree was UP!

While so many people are in such unfortunate situations right now (Sandy, economy, etc.), I'm extremely thankful for the people in my life and the blessings I have been given. 

Before things get super hectic, I just want to take the opportunity to thank you - for reading my blog, for being a part of this amazing experience with me, and for sticking with me even when I vanish for days and weeks on end.  There would be no Gypsy Woman or Black Sheep Fashion Diaries without you.  In the end, there would probably not even be a Blissie Boucher.

:)  The view from here?  It's amazing - filled with love and light and all of the good and kind things I could ever want or need in this life.  And for that, I am grateful. 


Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and a Joyous Black Friday!

Let me start with..HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I hope everyone had a safe, healthy and enjoyable Thanksgiving.  :)

This year (as with every other), I am incredibly thankful for the amazing family and friends I am blessed to have in my life.  I am grateful for everyone (the good and the bad) that have touched me and helped to make me who I am.  I am also very appreciative of the love and support I've been given by my on-line friends since my dad has been sick.  I can't thank you all enough.    

I hope you're all smart and fit enough not to get trampled on Black Friday as well.  Over the last few years, I've become a huge fan of Cyber Monday.  Anything that reduces the amount of people that try to touch me, breathe my air and race me to those amazing black boots is heaven-sent in my book.  :)

And for anyone that saw Mark Sanchez run into the ass of his own teammate yesterday..this is for we (sad) Jets fans:

Lots of love and light to you all.  :) 


Monday, November 12, 2012

Kisses For the Troops

Here's a neat idea for Veteran's Day - Kisses for Troops.  Cosmo and Maybelline have gotten together to sponsor these great cards - they even did some in Times Square today!

Add your picture and a personalized message and brighten the day of a troop far away from home.

Thank them for their bravery and wish them a safe return.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Come to the Blood-Donating Side..We have Cookies..

This month, the Concerned Bloggers Association  has taken on the topic of donating blood.

One of the topics is "Why Donate Blood?".

Well.  That's the simplest question of all to answer:

You donate blood to save a life.

Less than an hour of your time...can save someone's life.  It could be the life of someone you know, or the life of a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a sister, a brother, a husband, a wife or a best friend that you will never meet. 

Ultimately, everyone donates for their own personal reason - but I can tell you from experience - donating blood saves lives.

As someone who has spent the last three years in and out of hospitals with their dad, I can honestly tell you that blood donations save lives.

My dad has had multiple transfusions - and between the chemo and the cancer and the heart disease and the diabetes and the strokes and the brain injury...he would have died without those transfusions.

So...why donate blood?  Well.  It doesn't cost you anything.  It doesn't hurt.  You get a cookie.  Oh, and you also save lives.

The real question here is..

Why not donate blood?

While a lot of people are currently donating to the Red Cross to aid Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, donating blood shouldn't be reserved for just disasters and tragedies.  Blood banks and reserves depend on your kindness and generosity year-round.   

Consider this a request from me to you.  Please donate blood today - because it will save someone's life tomorrow.  And if you have already donated blood?  It probably already HAS saved someone's life.

For more information, please visit the Red Cross (

And if saving a life isn't enough motivation............there ARE cookies.  I'm just saying.

Thank you.


This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by the Concerned Bloggers Association. If you would like to become involved, please contact Marleen Vaughan for more information.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Picture Love

Just sharing some picture love for an upcoming fashion blog.  :)

Happy Sunday.