Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stop Kony 2012

Hola kids..

I'm not a..hop on the bandwagon kind of gal.  And before I continue..I want to make the following very clear:

I am not saying you should donate money - I have done zero research on the group involved, and I won't promote donating if I haven't done my due diligence.  I'm simply sharing this video because I think it's worth at least listening to.  So many things are going on in this world that we don't know about - and sometimes just educating yourself is the first step.

I have thought a little about it..

And I imagine raising awareness and making my voice heard (so to speak) may prompt the US to send soldiers into Uganda..and I can't even fathom soldiers (ours..or anyone else's) having to face an army of CHILDREN.  I wouldn't be the one on the front line - so it's easy to say we should go in and handle it.  But I don't truly know where I stand right now on US involvement in stopping this monster.  All I know is that he should be stopped.  I know that if anyone in this world should be should be kids.  They are our future..and we should be protecting them.   

I'd never heard of Kony before, and I at least wanted to share it.  The fact that this has been going on for so long is appalling.  And scary - very, very scary.  But.  Judge for yourself. 

Happy hump day!


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Yordie Sands said...

yes, Blissie. I've seen this vid. very scarey. And i'm with you on involvement. We seem to be spread so thin already. Man's inhumanity to man and women and CHILDREN, frightening to think that other human beings are capable of such things.