Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Wow.  I haven't posted here in ages.

I was sitting around wrapping my Christmas gifts today playing Christmas music on Pandora...

And then I remembered all of the days and nights spent around this time of year with my friends in SL.  I remember Borday switching the land radio at our house to all Christmas music for me because he knew I loved Christmas music so much.  I remember Bev giving me a Christmas music only radio for one of my homes.  The Christmas parties - from ROBs to the Savoy and everywhere in between.  And the outfits!  Oh did I have Christmas outfits........

Crazy how things from years ago can stick in your head.

I thought about that first Christmas with all of my SL friends and all of the Christmas adventures that followed every year after.

Snowy cabins.  Tropical islands.  Skyboxes.  Train rides.  Exploring.  Treasure hunts.

How crazy is it all?

My Christmas wish is simple.  I hope that wherever my friends are, no matter how far we've wandered from each other, that they have an amazing Christmas filled with love and happiness.

Merry Christmas loves.  :)