Thursday, February 28, 2008

Respect and the Club Environment

So, it's no secret that you can find me in the clubs. Whether when Moo or Crighton are DJing..or I'm just hanging around by myself.

And there's a club trend going on that's like Paris Hilton's lazy eye - there, but never talked about.

It's a total lack of respect for SL "relationships".

And the culprits, sadly, are generally females in the club environment.

Whether it's a DJ, a dancer or a club regular, the concept of a significant other seems to be left at the club door to some girls. Here's a clue (for free, no less). Club walls do NOT change some circumstances. Partnered or not - there should be SOME level of respect for existing SL relationships.

When I first met Moo, someone told me that SL DJs are like rock stars here. The statement didn't click for me right away. It took time. And then I realized what it really meant. Because DJs (who speak) seem more..REAL to some people. They get all KINDS of propositions. Not just friendly folks. There's friendly and there's FRIENDLY. It happens in open chat - you name it..and it's been said - significant others present or not.

But here's the thing.

I get..this isn't RL.

But I contend that manners and respect should exist in SL *and* RL. For property..for relationships..for others in GENERAL.

I have the pleasure of hanging around with a great group of friends. Sometimes tasteless jokes pass amongst us and that's cool. But. We're friends and we understand that we're having fun and there's a line that doesn't get crossed. Period.

So..someone - anyone - explain to me why club chicks think it's okay to cross that line? It's not cool. And it's not funny. It's rude. And it's disrespectful to everyone involved. And should I mention that these actions just degrade the skanky ho involved? No, let me not. That's a whole other post (but..can a skanky ho be degraded? Into what? A politician? Republican? Sorry..I digress..).

I used to say I've never met a club chick that wasn't a skanky ho (mostly because the ones I had the unfortunate displeasure of crossing paths with WERE - each trying their best to have a piece of Moo). Then I met Lita. :) And Lita's a sweetie. A really cool club chick. With respect for SL relationships. With common sense. And kindness. The ANTI-club chick, I think.

And that's when things turned, I suppose. When I realized that I shouldn't lump all club chicks together. They're not all after my Moo. They're not all dirty skanks in need of a Clorox Bath. Some just dance for fun. Some dance for the money. Some actually RESPECT SL relationships.

But I guess..I just don't get it. And it's a little frustrating. The attention is good. I understand that. Everyone likes to feel wanted..and desirable. And Moo's not the straying kind, so I don't think about it like I used to (okay, the term is WORRY..but we won't say that..LOL). :) I'm jealous. I don't hide it. And I'm aware it's become a running joke; my jealousy. I'm okay with that. I've made my position on the topic clear - and the folks in the clubs know me (and I've gotten the okay from Busy to go ahead and orbit first and ask questions later..LOL).

I guess..I don't know what the point of this post is..

Maybe if you're reading this..and you never noticed you were DOING this..that you were being a Club Ho..maybe now you'll pay attention and stop.

(Hidden Message: Take your chance with my Moo and I'll orbit you ten sims away and then..orbit your ass every time I see you after that. Seriously.)

Until next time,

B ;-)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

Okay, so I took my nephew to see The Spiderwick Chronicles (which, FYI, was great!). We were lucky enough to catch the movie preview for The Forbidden Kingdom.


Little known fact (or maybe some of you already know?). I LOVE KUNG FU MOVIES!

:) I love the copies that have the bad dubbing the best - but that's neither here nor there.

Growing up, my mom's four brothers lived with us for a time. And every Friday night was the same.

Kung fu movies and pizza.

And when they moved on, up and brother-in-law moved in. An avid lover of kung fu movies. :)

So our tradition continued. Except now we had Thai food and watched kung fu movies that were dubbed in English a little better.

And I am..all grown up..and still watching Kung Fu movies. Still stopping at the cart in the mall, where the guy assumes I buy them for my "hubsand", and buying five movies. I love Jet Li. Above all else, his movies are AMAZING. From the American the poorly dubbed foreign movies. I love him. :)

And Jackie Chan, while he's a clown, is excellent as well.


When I saw the preview for The Forbideen Kingdom..wth Jet Li AND Jackie Chan I almost jumped out of my chair.

So I invite you all to check out the website, and if you're a kung fu fan too, check out the movie. :)



I Tried..

I gave it a try and make things better.

I did it without anyone ASKING for me to.

And I concede I failed.

I'm done now.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Date Night..

Normally I post dancing pics from date night..

But this date night was so different, I just had to share.

:) We started off exploring this sim for a weather machine.

Then I needed a new we went gun shopping.

Which prompted camo outfit shopping..

Which turned to tank and humvee shopping..

Which got me killed in a combat zone twice (men WILL shoot a lady and then tell her to get a bullet proof vest..LOL).

Then we rezzed all of our stuff at the island.

I crashed the tank, crashed the humvee and hopped into Moo's helicopter for a ride.

Ended with breakfast at the house. :) here's my night in picture format. LOL


Hope you enjoyed the picture show. :)

Until next time,


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The IM Box..

So..I got to thinking.

What's your IM box look like to you?

I's not just a box with text. It's a whole other world within Second Life. It's private. A place where secrets can be whispered..where truths can be told..where romances can spark and crushes can thrive.

Mine..feels different for every person that steps in.

Some IMs feel close..and personal.

Some distant and truly unimportant.

Some dangerous.

Let me show you..with one picture example.

No surprise here. :) My IMs with Mr. Moo always feel like this. Comfortable..private and close. Even when we's kind of like..we may face opposite sides of the bed to cool off..but we're both still there. No raised voices. Always the same tone. The same hushed early morning voice we're all familiar with - no matter the time or topic. So is our IM box a tiny portable bedroom? Yes. (Are you being a perv right now? I think so. Keep it clean, man!)

Moo-ving on. :)

So you ask, what else does my IM box feel like?

Sometimes, a corner table in a coffee house. Things crazy around us, but yet surreal at our table. Comfortable and relaxed.

Sometimes, knowing I am one of many, many, many IMs pouring in, I feel like I'm someone standing at the dessert table in the midst of a party. Heard..but not quite listened to.

Sometimes sitting in a those in Pillow Talk. Quiet and calm, just exchanging thoughts.

So now, I pose the question to you. What does your IM box feel like to you? What world have you created inside of it for individual people? Why do the images change with each person? Is it always the conversation? Is it the person? Is it the tone? The relationship?

The list never ends, I guess.

And let me just say the following:

Thank you to everyone that attended the farewell party for Sporks on Sunday. I spoke with my contact who helped put out the MS tip jar and he said it was the biggest fundraiser he had seen to date. We managed to raise almost 7,000L. You should all be proud. :)

A VERY big thank you to Bev, Brad, Cal, Mel, and Skinkie for putting their goods out for sale. I hope you guys made some sales - I know I loved everything I saw out!

Also, I can't thank our DJs, OneSummer, Borday and BusyBee enough. You guys were AMAZING and I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful party.

Lastly, to Mr. Moo, who has allowed me to overrun his home, his club and his LIFE, thank you. Sporks was an amazing place - probably the best club ever built. :) While I'm sorry to see it go, I'm excited about our new island. And of course, we'll rock out on the island exactly like we did at Sporks - with our friends around, great tunes and tons of food.

Okay, kids. That's all the rambling I have in me now.

Until next time,


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

:) Happy Valentine's Day from me and you! HOOOOOOO !

Oh man..that was bad..LOL

Love ya,


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where You Going Girl? No..Where've I Been..?

Days in SL pass like months. And months like years.

And a a lifetime.

A year for you to learn..about yourself..about others..and about human nature.

A year to make new friends..lose old ones..stand in the middle of them..and hold on to them.

A year to figure out what was important and what wasn't.

A lifetime's worth of knowledge fit into a real world's year.

But I owe it all to the friends I've made here.

The ones who are always around..sometimes around..never around and the ones that think I wandered away from them.

Thank you for the wandering..the LMs..the jokes..the shopping..the outfit changing competitions..the gun fighting..the boxing..the pillow fighting..the dances..the treasure hunting..the fun and the FOOD.

So much has happened in the last year..if I started recapping..I'd never finish. I wish I knew where I'd be in a year from far as REAL life was concerned. What can you do? Live and learn, I guess. :) That's what I learned here. I can't help everyone..I can't save everyone..I can't protect everyone..I can't stop caring about the people that mean something to me - regardless of what they do..I can't like everyone and everyone won't like me. But it is what it is.

But the friends aren't all I've found in Second Life. I've discovered a new world of music thanks to Borday and Crighton (and other DJs too..but come on..we all know where I hang my hat, man..). They've changed my taste (and bank account - I'm sure iTunes thanks those boys..) in music. Expanded my music mind. :)

And aside from my one year anniversary in's also been six months to the day since Reverend Kimala married me off to Mr. Moo. Six months is a heck of a long time in RL AND SL. :) But thanks, Kim. You couldn't have dropped me into a better lap.

If I'm lucky..I'll know you all in another year - having survived everything this coming year has to throw at me.

Heck yeah. That's a challenge I accept. :)

Until next time,


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Darn Joonie..!

You Are Fairly Normal
You scored 65% normal on this quiz
Like most people you are normal in some ways...But you aren't a completely normal person. You're a little weird too!
Why You Are Normal:
If you had to, you rather live without music and still have laughter
You prefer a good meal to a good nap
You'd rather have rats than cockroaches in your home
You prefer fiction to non fiction
You think fishnet stockings are trashy
Why You Aren't Normal:
You know a little about many subjects
You find the Chicken Dance to be the more embarrassing dance
You prefer flat potato chips.
You prefer the moon to the sun
You would rather be a movie star than an astronaut

Moving On, Up and Out.. case you didn't know..Moo and I moved. We've taken our little snowy cabin in the sky to a different sim. Not too far from Deyo. But Deyo will be a memory soon. So will Sporks.

And before you ask, yes. Yes, I will miss Sporks - but only my friends hang out there anyway. And they're always more than welcome in my home. So the Sporks Awareness Party will be the last event held at Sporks forever.

But I like our new land. Our house is the same, yet different. I'm redecorating a little. Worked hard on our kitchen. I have a FRYING pan on my stove now. LOL! It's fun though. To find different things that you like..and want in your house (knowing full well in a week you'll swap it out for something else..).

Some things won't ever change, though. We'll always have our green couch. Not so much because we sit on it much anymore. But mostly for what it represents. That couch is where Blissie and Borday first really started to get to know each other (not like that, perv!). In a skybox known as Hot Rocks, they slept on the couch - both kind of homeless. Then to the cabin on the ground where the couch took up the entire cabin. Then the cabin in the sky in Deyo..and our new home.

It's nice to keep the familiar around. I think it gives the house a feeling of warmth..and history. Reminds us of where we far things have come..and how much we have changed, yet still stayed the same.


I'm sure once we're all set up everyone will get to see it. :)

Until next time,


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Am I A Slacker? Would I Have This Ulcer If I Was?!

You Are 8% Slacker
You are anything but a slacker. You're truly a go getter.You never let laziness get in the way of living your life - and you can't stand to see it in others.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quote of the Day

In the living room of the Moo/Boucher house..

(Blissie teleport back home after TPing away for a quick sec)

Blissie: I'm back.
Borday: Are you done now?
Blissie: Done?
Borday: Done running around in your underwear?
Blissie: LOL!
Borday: Outside of the house no less!

Isn't he adorable?

:) Gotta love random SL quotes, kids.

Monday, February 4, 2008

This Crazy Ride..

Funny thing about this life (SL and RL)..

It's not all roses and gold and sparkly shit like that. The illusion is there. The outside perception of this exists. But you know it's not true.

Good days..bad days..and all the stuff that happens between good and bad.

It's a ride that you get on..not really knowing what's waiting for you. No clue about the drops, the rolls, the sideways flips. None of it.

But you hold on, and if you're lucky, you enjoy it. And sure, there are parts you don't like.

..and you want to get off of the ride.


But something makes you stay (no, not the fact that there's no STOP button).

Something inside of you knows it's worth it.

Maybe it's that regardless of how much you want to throw up, you're laughing so hard, you can't even scream anymore.

That the excitement outweighs the terror.

That the thrill consumes you and you just can't let it go.

But in the end..

Just hope your ride doesn't have broken tracks.

Cause that ?

That would suck.

Until next time..

Human Nature..

Disclaimer: The following has been typed, deleted, typed, deleted, pieced together and stopped mid-post several times. I apologize for you now having to make sense out of nonsense. :)

I feel hungry it's a hunger. That tries to keep a man awake at night. Are you the answer? I shouldn't wonder. When I can feel you whet my appetite. With all the power you're releasing it isn't safe to walk the city streets alone. Anticipation's running through me.

There's something..

How do I describe it ?

There's something about the warmth of skin against skin that is addictive. It's dangerous, this human nature of ours. Makes us hungry. Almost a little like animals. And then..we feed off of each other until we're satisfied. We can feed slowly..or frantically. In a bed, against a wall, in a car, on a table..anywhere we want.

Makes "to go" snacks look a little unsatisfying, I think. :)

The funny part isn't really intimate contact that triggers the sexual hunger. Anyone can invade your space. But only SOME people can invade it and get the response they want (and sometimes you don't..).

Little things can do it. A hand..on the small of your back guiding you through a crowd. Powerful and protective..

That's a good one.

Or the way warm fingers can linger on a zipper they're supposed to be closing..but instead brush against your skin..

Or the close quarters of a crowded subway..with the rocking of the subway car pressing you against each other..

The way someone can tell you something..and lean in close enough to make the rest of the world vanish..


Hmm. Lost my train of thought.



But there's more. More to it all, I think.

But good sex (we won't cover the other kinds).'s about giving up a little. Giving up your total control (hello, control freaks out there?). There's something to be said about complete surrender. About that moment, when you let go and trust someone else 100% with your most intimate parts. I mean, sure, you CAN take care of it yourself..but it's just not as entertaining. :)

Maybe that's what it is for me. Just that surrender. The lack of "issues". No dishes, no rent, no groceries, no work, no responsibility, no emotional baggage..nobody else. Just the pleasure. The teasing and the tormenting..and the pleasure (and all of the unmentionable stuff that falls in between).

At least..that's what it's all about most of the time. :)

(So mant edits..mainly because I revised so much trying to NOT sound like a nympho..but share what's on my brain..that sex is delicious..and while my post still feels jumbled..if you can't tell my brain's jumbled by now..we have a problem. LOL..maybe I'll edit again later..for now, I'm finally hitting post..)

Friday, February 1, 2008


Today is National Wear Red Day in honor of heart disease awareness in women (come on, you know the little red dress logo..). :) Hope to see you all in your best and brightest red today (SL..RL..youe choice!).

Pass the word along.

For more information:

Until next time,