Saturday, February 23, 2008

Date Night..

Normally I post dancing pics from date night..

But this date night was so different, I just had to share.

:) We started off exploring this sim for a weather machine.

Then I needed a new we went gun shopping.

Which prompted camo outfit shopping..

Which turned to tank and humvee shopping..

Which got me killed in a combat zone twice (men WILL shoot a lady and then tell her to get a bullet proof vest..LOL).

Then we rezzed all of our stuff at the island.

I crashed the tank, crashed the humvee and hopped into Moo's helicopter for a ride.

Ended with breakfast at the house. :) here's my night in picture format. LOL


Hope you enjoyed the picture show. :)

Until next time,


1 comment:

Blogger said...

Now THAT is how I picture date night with Borday/Blissie!!!

You should both eat MRE's for dinner on Friday's now! lol

/me buys better shields