Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

Okay, so I took my nephew to see The Spiderwick Chronicles (which, FYI, was great!). We were lucky enough to catch the movie preview for The Forbidden Kingdom.


Little known fact (or maybe some of you already know?). I LOVE KUNG FU MOVIES!

:) I love the copies that have the bad dubbing the best - but that's neither here nor there.

Growing up, my mom's four brothers lived with us for a time. And every Friday night was the same.

Kung fu movies and pizza.

And when they moved on, up and brother-in-law moved in. An avid lover of kung fu movies. :)

So our tradition continued. Except now we had Thai food and watched kung fu movies that were dubbed in English a little better.

And I am..all grown up..and still watching Kung Fu movies. Still stopping at the cart in the mall, where the guy assumes I buy them for my "hubsand", and buying five movies. I love Jet Li. Above all else, his movies are AMAZING. From the American the poorly dubbed foreign movies. I love him. :)

And Jackie Chan, while he's a clown, is excellent as well.


When I saw the preview for The Forbideen Kingdom..wth Jet Li AND Jackie Chan I almost jumped out of my chair.

So I invite you all to check out the website, and if you're a kung fu fan too, check out the movie. :)




Blogger said...

My wife LOVES those movies

Crighton Johin said...

*hugs you tight*

bigd Flanagan said...

Hey I've held somebodies hair out of harms way while they puked! It seemed like the only civilized thing to do. I never even knew it was love. I just didn't want her puke hair falling asleep on me. God, I'm horrible...

Bliss said...

No, no. Holding hair is ONE thing.

Putting it in a bun and not needing guidance in how..or where to find a hair band..that's another thing..