Monday, February 4, 2008

Human Nature..

Disclaimer: The following has been typed, deleted, typed, deleted, pieced together and stopped mid-post several times. I apologize for you now having to make sense out of nonsense. :)

I feel hungry it's a hunger. That tries to keep a man awake at night. Are you the answer? I shouldn't wonder. When I can feel you whet my appetite. With all the power you're releasing it isn't safe to walk the city streets alone. Anticipation's running through me.

There's something..

How do I describe it ?

There's something about the warmth of skin against skin that is addictive. It's dangerous, this human nature of ours. Makes us hungry. Almost a little like animals. And then..we feed off of each other until we're satisfied. We can feed slowly..or frantically. In a bed, against a wall, in a car, on a table..anywhere we want.

Makes "to go" snacks look a little unsatisfying, I think. :)

The funny part isn't really intimate contact that triggers the sexual hunger. Anyone can invade your space. But only SOME people can invade it and get the response they want (and sometimes you don't..).

Little things can do it. A hand..on the small of your back guiding you through a crowd. Powerful and protective..

That's a good one.

Or the way warm fingers can linger on a zipper they're supposed to be closing..but instead brush against your skin..

Or the close quarters of a crowded subway..with the rocking of the subway car pressing you against each other..

The way someone can tell you something..and lean in close enough to make the rest of the world vanish..


Hmm. Lost my train of thought.



But there's more. More to it all, I think.

But good sex (we won't cover the other kinds).'s about giving up a little. Giving up your total control (hello, control freaks out there?). There's something to be said about complete surrender. About that moment, when you let go and trust someone else 100% with your most intimate parts. I mean, sure, you CAN take care of it yourself..but it's just not as entertaining. :)

Maybe that's what it is for me. Just that surrender. The lack of "issues". No dishes, no rent, no groceries, no work, no responsibility, no emotional baggage..nobody else. Just the pleasure. The teasing and the tormenting..and the pleasure (and all of the unmentionable stuff that falls in between).

At least..that's what it's all about most of the time. :)

(So mant edits..mainly because I revised so much trying to NOT sound like a nympho..but share what's on my brain..that sex is delicious..and while my post still feels jumbled..if you can't tell my brain's jumbled by now..we have a problem. LOL..maybe I'll edit again later..for now, I'm finally hitting post..)


Blogger said...

I am happy to have that part of my RL back after the post-baby "pause". HOO!!! :)

Crighton Johin said...

Looks around for a scrotum comment. Doesn't see one and goes to think about something else to say.....

Blogger said...

ROFL!! I came SOOO close to asking about that!

Come on, Blissie! What about the scrotum?!?!?!

Bliss said...

I said what I thought of it already. LOL