Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The IM Box..

So..I got to thinking.

What's your IM box look like to you?

I mean..it's not just a box with text. It's a whole other world within Second Life. It's private. A place where secrets can be whispered..where truths can be told..where romances can spark and crushes can thrive.

Mine..feels different for every person that steps in.

Some IMs feel close..and personal.

Some distant and truly unimportant.

Some dangerous.

Let me show you..with one picture example.

No surprise here. :) My IMs with Mr. Moo always feel like this. Comfortable..private and close. Even when we fight..it's kind of like..we may face opposite sides of the bed to cool off..but we're both still there. No raised voices. Always the same tone. The same hushed early morning voice we're all familiar with - no matter the time or topic. So is our IM box a tiny portable bedroom? Yes. (Are you being a perv right now? I think so. Keep it clean, man!)

Moo-ving on. :)

So you ask, what else does my IM box feel like?

Sometimes, a corner table in a coffee house. Things crazy around us, but yet surreal at our table. Comfortable and relaxed.

Sometimes, knowing I am one of many, many, many IMs pouring in, I feel like I'm someone standing at the dessert table in the midst of a party. Heard..but not quite listened to.

Sometimes sitting in a tree..like those in Pillow Talk. Quiet and calm, just exchanging thoughts.

So now, I pose the question to you. What does your IM box feel like to you? What world have you created inside of it for individual people? Why do the images change with each person? Is it always the conversation? Is it the person? Is it the tone? The relationship?

The list never ends, I guess.

And let me just say the following:

Thank you to everyone that attended the farewell party for Sporks on Sunday. I spoke with my contact who helped put out the MS tip jar and he said it was the biggest fundraiser he had seen to date. We managed to raise almost 7,000L. You should all be proud. :)

A VERY big thank you to Bev, Brad, Cal, Mel, and Skinkie for putting their goods out for sale. I hope you guys made some sales - I know I loved everything I saw out!

Also, I can't thank our DJs, OneSummer, Borday and BusyBee enough. You guys were AMAZING and I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful party.

Lastly, to Mr. Moo, who has allowed me to overrun his home, his club and his LIFE, thank you. Sporks was an amazing place - probably the best club ever built. :) While I'm sorry to see it go, I'm excited about our new island. And of course, we'll rock out on the island exactly like we did at Sporks - with our friends around, great tunes and tons of food.

Okay, kids. That's all the rambling I have in me now.

Until next time,



Crighton Johin said...

My IM box.....kind of mirrors my life at any given moment. Some days it's organized and peaceful and meaningful. Some days it's hectic and crazy and just plain silly. Some days it's TOO hectic and confusing and overloaded and maddening. I hate it when I get too many going on and forget someone. I'm really not ignoring you, I'm just a guy with poor multi-tasking skills, who is probably DJing and getting his ass kicked in chat and IM!

But I love those one on ones...with no one else around. When I'm able to be with whoever I'm with....whether I'm helping an AA having a bad day, or being silly with a good friend, or just chatting about our day, SL or otherwise.

Yeah, the IM window is another SL mirror. Like I need more.....

And Blissie....thank YOU for the wonderful event. I think it's great that you do these things for worthy causes. I'm glad I was sick and able to make it!!

Kimala said...

Bliss -
My IM box with you is always full to the brim with crazy places to spend lindens :) and also a warm reassuring place where I know I can find a friend.

Your event Sunday was such a huge success! It takes a lot of work to pull off an event like that - and yours was amazing. Great job and cheers to all the lindens you took in for MS. Hooo!

bigd Flanagan said...

My IM box? Hmmmm. Probably abject proof that I suck at keyboarding. I do get excited when I hear that ding though! Who are those three people on that hammock? I know everyone is gorgeous on SL but those three are absolutely stunning....LOL

Bliss said...

There are a few IM boxes that are comforting to me (aside from Moo). One in particular kind of feels like a giant couch to me. And when I IM with this person..I feel good. I feel like.."yeah..everything's gonna be okay..". Whew. You know?


And I love planning those events - especially knowing that the lindens we donated can do some good (as opposed to the lindens I donate at every single shop I enter..)

Thank you all for participating. :)