Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quote of the Day

In the living room of the Moo/Boucher house..

(Blissie teleport back home after TPing away for a quick sec)

Blissie: I'm back.
Borday: Are you done now?
Blissie: Done?
Borday: Done running around in your underwear?
Blissie: LOL!
Borday: Outside of the house no less!

Isn't he adorable?

:) Gotta love random SL quotes, kids.


Blogger said...

I should post what he said the other day when I nuked Sporks!! OK, OK... so I was nuking Sapphire... can't help a little collateral damage with nukes. ;)

Kimala said...

Quoting SL dialogs is the best! Moo provides some good material since he is so often the quiet one in chat.

But I have to ask... were you cold running around out there in the yard in your underwear? Isn't it snowy up there in that skybox yard? LOL

Bliss said...

I was..uhm..running around in a store in my underwear..

ROFL ! TPed back into the house from the store.