Thursday, February 28, 2008

Respect and the Club Environment

So, it's no secret that you can find me in the clubs. Whether when Moo or Crighton are DJing..or I'm just hanging around by myself.

And there's a club trend going on that's like Paris Hilton's lazy eye - there, but never talked about.

It's a total lack of respect for SL "relationships".

And the culprits, sadly, are generally females in the club environment.

Whether it's a DJ, a dancer or a club regular, the concept of a significant other seems to be left at the club door to some girls. Here's a clue (for free, no less). Club walls do NOT change some circumstances. Partnered or not - there should be SOME level of respect for existing SL relationships.

When I first met Moo, someone told me that SL DJs are like rock stars here. The statement didn't click for me right away. It took time. And then I realized what it really meant. Because DJs (who speak) seem more..REAL to some people. They get all KINDS of propositions. Not just friendly folks. There's friendly and there's FRIENDLY. It happens in open chat - you name it..and it's been said - significant others present or not.

But here's the thing.

I get..this isn't RL.

But I contend that manners and respect should exist in SL *and* RL. For property..for relationships..for others in GENERAL.

I have the pleasure of hanging around with a great group of friends. Sometimes tasteless jokes pass amongst us and that's cool. But. We're friends and we understand that we're having fun and there's a line that doesn't get crossed. Period.

So..someone - anyone - explain to me why club chicks think it's okay to cross that line? It's not cool. And it's not funny. It's rude. And it's disrespectful to everyone involved. And should I mention that these actions just degrade the skanky ho involved? No, let me not. That's a whole other post (but..can a skanky ho be degraded? Into what? A politician? Republican? Sorry..I digress..).

I used to say I've never met a club chick that wasn't a skanky ho (mostly because the ones I had the unfortunate displeasure of crossing paths with WERE - each trying their best to have a piece of Moo). Then I met Lita. :) And Lita's a sweetie. A really cool club chick. With respect for SL relationships. With common sense. And kindness. The ANTI-club chick, I think.

And that's when things turned, I suppose. When I realized that I shouldn't lump all club chicks together. They're not all after my Moo. They're not all dirty skanks in need of a Clorox Bath. Some just dance for fun. Some dance for the money. Some actually RESPECT SL relationships.

But I guess..I just don't get it. And it's a little frustrating. The attention is good. I understand that. Everyone likes to feel wanted..and desirable. And Moo's not the straying kind, so I don't think about it like I used to (okay, the term is WORRY..but we won't say that..LOL). :) I'm jealous. I don't hide it. And I'm aware it's become a running joke; my jealousy. I'm okay with that. I've made my position on the topic clear - and the folks in the clubs know me (and I've gotten the okay from Busy to go ahead and orbit first and ask questions later..LOL).

I guess..I don't know what the point of this post is..

Maybe if you're reading this..and you never noticed you were DOING this..that you were being a Club Ho..maybe now you'll pay attention and stop.

(Hidden Message: Take your chance with my Moo and I'll orbit you ten sims away and then..orbit your ass every time I see you after that. Seriously.)

Until next time,

B ;-)


Blogger said...

/me re-thinks creating a skanky ho ALT!!!

bigd Flanagan said...

Too many people just go ape shit when there is the slightest crack of freedom in thier otherwise humdrum lives. If the truth were known, they are the lady cutting out coupons for Thursdays specials at the local supermarket. Don't sweat it Bliss, just be grateful you are not the UPS, Sparkletts, or other vendor that has to deal with them in real life. Those are the poor bastards that need the capability to orbit people. You are quite the catch yourself there girl, moo might need to be orbiting some dudes also!

Bliss said...

:) Awww..thank you.