Monday, February 4, 2008

This Crazy Ride..

Funny thing about this life (SL and RL)..

It's not all roses and gold and sparkly shit like that. The illusion is there. The outside perception of this exists. But you know it's not true.

Good days..bad days..and all the stuff that happens between good and bad.

It's a ride that you get on..not really knowing what's waiting for you. No clue about the drops, the rolls, the sideways flips. None of it.

But you hold on, and if you're lucky, you enjoy it. And sure, there are parts you don't like.

..and you want to get off of the ride.


But something makes you stay (no, not the fact that there's no STOP button).

Something inside of you knows it's worth it.

Maybe it's that regardless of how much you want to throw up, you're laughing so hard, you can't even scream anymore.

That the excitement outweighs the terror.

That the thrill consumes you and you just can't let it go.

But in the end..

Just hope your ride doesn't have broken tracks.

Cause that ?

That would suck.

Until next time..


Blogger said...

If the foundation for the tracks is faulty, I could see how that would make the ride both thrilling and dangerous at the same time.

But most issues with the ride can be resolved with a little preventative maintenance...

My personal observation is that if the ride is too smooth, it is often taken for granted.

You look across at the other ride and think that one has to be more exciting. It is at first, because it is new... different...

After riding the new one for a while, it too becomes predictable, and you realize that you miss the first ride... but it's too late... someone else is riding it - you had your turn and you gave up your seat.

All rides require maintenance or they will eventually break down. Yea, it takes effort... but in the end, it's for your safety.

Bliss said...


But you know..

Sometimes you need to know when you should just leave the amusement park completely.

Sometimes..even if you fix's not the same.

Blogger said...

But I have season tickets, darn it!!! lol

Agreed. :)