Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where You Going Girl? No..Where've I Been..?

Days in SL pass like months. And months like years.

And a year..like a lifetime.

A year for you to learn..about yourself..about others..and about human nature.

A year to make new friends..lose old ones..stand in the middle of them..and hold on to them.

A year to figure out what was important and what wasn't.

A lifetime's worth of knowledge fit into a real world's year.

But I owe it all to the friends I've made here.

The ones who are always around..sometimes around..never around and the ones that think I wandered away from them.

Thank you for the wandering..the LMs..the jokes..the shopping..the outfit changing competitions..the gun fighting..the boxing..the pillow fighting..the dances..the treasure hunting..the fun and the FOOD.

So much has happened in the last year..if I started recapping..I'd never finish. I wish I knew where I'd be in a year from now..as far as REAL life was concerned. What can you do? Live and learn, I guess. :) That's what I learned here. I can't help everyone..I can't save everyone..I can't protect everyone..I can't stop caring about the people that mean something to me - regardless of what they do..I can't like everyone and everyone won't like me. But it is what it is.

But the friends aren't all I've found in Second Life. I've discovered a new world of music thanks to Borday and Crighton (and other DJs too..but come on..we all know where I hang my hat, man..). They've changed my taste (and bank account - I'm sure iTunes thanks those boys..) in music. Expanded my music mind. :)

And aside from my one year anniversary in SL..it's also been six months to the day since Reverend Kimala married me off to Mr. Moo. Six months is a heck of a long time in RL AND SL. :) But thanks, Kim. You couldn't have dropped me into a better lap.

If I'm lucky..I'll know you all in another year - having survived everything this coming year has to throw at me.

Heck yeah. That's a challenge I accept. :)

Until next time,



Kimala said...

Blissie -
Who'd have thought that one night at One World would just be the beginning :) of so many things you are now in SL! You and Borday make a great team. Really - though- I was just the wedding photographer. Friends are what make SL worthwhile. All the other things can be fun but at the end of the day, when you log off, it is all about the friendships.
Toasts to you and Borday and all the new adventures to come to you, and all the things you will encounter in the next SL year. *Hugs you tightly*

:) Kim

Blogger said...

Congratulations, my friend. On all counts. :)

Blogger said...

Oh yea... HAPPY REZ DAY!!!! HOO!!!

/me hands you a glass of Dom. Romane Conti (1997 vintage)

Crighton Johin said...

Happy Rez Day Blissie. I'm sorry I missed you yesterday. I've enjoyed having you as a friend. In fact, I'm honored to have you as a friend. You've made me laugh and smile a lot over the last months. You always make a room brighter. You always set the standard for wardrobe changes....and I'm always looking forward to the next wardrobe malfunction.

*Hugs you tight*

Bliss said...

:) Thanks guys.

But I wouldn't be Blissie if I didn't have you guys to BE Blissie with.