Sunday, March 30, 2008

Community Service..

So I did mine for the day..

[20:06] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Hi!

[20:06] BarbaraAnne Dawg: May I join you for drinks!

[20:07] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I don't have anyone to have drinks with

[20:07] BarbaraAnne Dawg: see seem like a nice couple

[20:07] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I would love to pull up a chair if you'd let me

[20:07] You: sure[20:07] BarbaraAnne Dawg: thank you Blissie!

[20:07] Borday Moo: have a seat

[20:08] BarbaraAnne Dawg: oops, sorry, i';m still learning how to sit

[20:08] Borday's Sweet Piece of Ass: You touched it Blissie Boucher, so kiss it

[20:08] BarbaraAnne Dawg: oh thank you Borday!

[20:08] Borday Moo: right click the chair

[20:08] BarbaraAnne Dawg: so what is there to do in Secondlife?

[20:08] Borday Moo: you've been here a long time not to know how to sit

[20:08] BarbaraAnne Dawg: i joined a long time ago, but I only played once.

[20:09] BarbaraAnne Dawg: this is only second time playing.

[20:09] You: Well..I personally shop.

[20:09] You: A lot.

[20:09] You: :)

[20:09] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I like to shop as well.

[20:10] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I keep hearing people can have sex in here, is that for real?

[20:10] You: This is all shopping. So you can wander around here and shop.

[20:10] You: You can if you want to.

[20:10] BarbaraAnne Dawg: where can I have sex? and is it just like a big orgy, or do you have to pay for that?

[20:11] You: you know where Barbara can find sex ?

[20:11] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Lotsa of sex, with hunky men like you!

[20:12] Borday Moo: ooo sex no i don't

[20:12] Borday Moo: lost it in the war

[20:12] BarbaraAnne Dawg: you lost your "ahem" in the war?

[20:12] You: Yeah. He's neutered.

[20:12] Borday Moo: yeah some little china man has it now

[20:13] BarbaraAnne Dawg: wow.... now do guys comes anatomically correct when they join, cause I know women really don't

[20:13] You: No. They need to buy their parts.

[20:13] Borday Moo: lol no we have to buy the parts

[20:13] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Oh.... thats a lil too freaky for me

[20:13] BarbaraAnne Dawg: and I'm a freak!

[20:13] Borday Moo: i found one with a gas motor the other day

[20:14] BarbaraAnne Dawg: don't yank that one too hard!

[20:14] You: Well..maybe the first thing you want to fix your avi up a little. You know. different shape..

[20:14] BarbaraAnne Dawg: well... i tried to fix my shape... i had someone helping me, and they kept confusing me numbers and sliders and stuff. So, here I am

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg accepted your inventory offer.

[20:15] You: Just right click that in your inventory and wear it.

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Oh thank you!

[20:15] You: Sure.

[20:15] You: Unless you want your avi to be..bigger. Then that's cool too. :)

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg: Hmmmm I can't seem to put it on at the moment.

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg: there it is!

[20:15] You: There you go.

[20:15] BarbaraAnne Dawg: OMG... I'm totally hawt now!

[20:16] You: There you go.

[20:16] BarbaraAnne Dawg: thank you so much

[20:16] You: You're welcome.

[20:16] BarbaraAnne Dawg: do you have landmarks of skin shops. I was at a shop earlier, and they weren'very friendly.

[20:17] BarbaraAnne Dawg: thank you so much, you both have been very kind. i'll certainly take a look there.

[20:17] You: Our pleasure.

[20:17] BarbaraAnne Dawg: I'll let you two go back to your date. And thank you for being so nice to me

[20:17] You: :) Sure. Anytime.

[20:17] BarbaraAnne Dawg: and thank you for the Shape, its wonderful

[20:17] You: Glad you like it.

[20:18] You: Tell me..I just got punked.

[20:19] BarbaraAnne Dawg shouts: OMG I FOUND BDSM SEX!!!!

Now..avis come in all shapes and sizes..and like RL..that's what makes the world so cool.

But lord..if that just wasn't the funniest thing yet.

Maybe we'll just stick to having coffee at the house instead of outside from now on..LOL !

Until next time,



Kimala said...

OMG Blissie - I laughed when you shared it with me then and I am laughing now!!

/me hands Bliss & Borday a SL community service award for Noob help :)

Blogger said...

The whole time I figured someone was playing a joke on you. Guess not?

Bliss said...

I thought someone WAS pulling my leg..

But I guess not.

Seriously funny, though.