Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ditch Day!

So..I took a day off.

Not my usual "work from home" day off.

A real..true to off.

Cell phone shut e-mails unopened. The whole nine.

I woke up late..plugged my iPod into my kitchen speakers..and rocked out while I made french toast. And yeah. I played the Danity Kane song over..and over..and over. I danced around my kitchen and sang at the top of my lungs. I ate breakfast while watching TV..even got to catch one of those "Who's my baby daddy?" episodes of Maury. Gotta love daytime TV.

I even found time to take a nap.

A NAP! On a Wednesday!

And logged into SL..and SHOPPED.

Oh my god, did I shop.

I got more clothes than I think I really should own in SL.

I attended one of Crighton's day shows..(which I always see the notice for on my e-mail..but never get to catch)..

:) And when I was done? Blissie laid on a couch..and real me did too. Watched TV..hung around..made brownies..

I was a bum. For a day. A obligations BUM.

Of course..I went to work today and the piles were literally falling over on my desk and I had 18 voicemail messages waiting..

But it was SO worth it. :)

Until next time,


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Kimala said...

I love it! It sounds like the PERFECT day! Everyone deserves a ditch day every now and then :) From what I've seen, the RL work is always there when you return - it just took me YEARS to realize that no one would die if I happened to take a ditch day and not answer a few emails if they went unanswered for 24 hours.