Sunday, March 23, 2008

To Be a Noob Again..

When I was a noob..I was always a loner.

And if you've read this blog long enough, you know I spend most, if not all, of my time with Moo.

And this last week, he's had some connection issues (not emotional..internet..LOL).

So..I've been kinda solo.

And let me tell SUCKS!

Not that I can't spend time alone in SL. I can. I shop..I wander sims. I club hop. I visit friends.

And then..I get bored.

So I ask myself..what the heck did I do before I met Moo?

Those of us..not so new to SL you ever ask yourself these things? What did you do BEFORE you met the people you spend your time with in SL? What did you do before you had "usual" haunts? And why did you STOP doing whatever it was you did? Was it because you liked the familiar? Was it because you found your niche?

So..I set out on a mission to see what it was for me. And maybe..not be so needy or clingy to the people I've grown attached to. I wandered new clubs.

And here's what I discovered:

While I'll always meet really nice and interesting people in SL - no matter where I go..home is home.

The good, the bad, the everything smushed up in between.

I found my place - be it the place I'm most comfortable or the place I fit in best.

And my's a happy place..but it's a heck of a lot happier with the people I like best around me. And a Noob that's what I was LOOKING for. Not necessarily just places to hang. I just needed a place to call my own.

:) And I thought of this all while I sat in one spot waiting for an Easter Egg hunt to begin.

I'm so deep at 3 AM.

But this picture..would SO look better with Moo next to me. :)
Until next time,


Crighton Johin said...

Awww.....Bliss...if I'm on, I'll keep you company. And I'll even behave myself....only because Moo owns guns though. ;-)

Really...I need to have Aeryn add you as friend. We could go shop together! heehee...I'm so sick!

I hope Moo gets his connection back this week. I like to see you as your usual happy Blissie self.


Bliss said...


:) Thanks.

Moo was on I did get my Moo fix.


Kimala said...

I love that entry Bliss :) It is hard to imagine what we were all looking for when we first logged into SL and now what the heck we are all doing. Remember when you and I talked about how shy we were when we would go to new clubs and not know anyone else? It is the same thing. You and Moo go hand it hand ;) And... as a side note I have to say - I am sorry I thought Moo was horribly ruthed last night and not actually being a woman as you were trying on a male avi ROFL. That'll teach me to multitask in RL and be at a club in SL :)

Keep thinking those deep thoughts at 3 am - I love 'em!