Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Day Out at Sea..

Crew on Kim's boat, Resilience. BigD was on the other side of the sail..I think he was making kissy faces at me, though. Hmm.

After I ran the boat into an island..we all relaxed and stretched our legs.

Ehric had to talk Busy back onto the boat. She was scared of my sailing.

:) Pretty girl pose on Moo's boat. Yeah. I rock it better than Ehric does.

That's BigD on his side of the boat. His girlish screams were minimal. He's tough.

How the day started..
I don't think I've spent a whole day in a bikini since I was a noob.
:) From sailing with Kim as the sailing with Borday as the's been a pretty good day.
I sailed a little..shipwrecked us..but did set up a cute little camp side for Busy, Ehric, Moo and I.
I'm tired now. :) Hard work being a sea-chick.
Peace out, yo.


Kimala said...

Nothing better than a Sunday at sea! HOOOO! You were great crew Bliss! (you too Moo and D) I'm sorry there were no ships to ravage since Moo was prepared as a pirate. Ahoy SL!

bigd Flanagan said...

I'll sail with you anytime Boucher.........

Bliss said...

Kim -

We can boat race now. LOL

BigD -

Same here, big guy. :)