Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"The present in New York is so powerful that the past is lost."

John Jay Chapman

My town.

There's nowhere like it.

New York City.

The capital of the World.
Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers aren't cold and vicious. We're blunt and honest. And while we'll knock your tourist ass down for standing in our way, we'll rally around like family in a crisis and take care of each other in a heartbeat.

We ARE crass. And tough. And desensitized. We walk with purpose - smooth straight steps - everyone's got somewhere to be. We look through you, not at you. We walk by celebrities like they're panhandlers. We think drag queens ARE the norm.

We are Sex and the City. We are Gossip Girl. We are Law & Order.
We are original and untouchable. We are the ultimate trendsetters.

We ARE cocky because – hell yeah, we ARE that great. :)

We ARE the city that never sleeps.

Ever land in JFK at night? Look down on the brightest lights ever and take a deep breath. Breathe in the air that fuels a million stories. I dare you to find that anywhere else.

We are the town of brunches with mimosas..of salons where you spend more time gossiping and sipping white wine than getting your hair done. We're the land of the insanely high heels and the too expensive handbags.

We're the place where Wall Street matters most.

We are the ultimate snob town.

We own apartments on the upper east side..and houses on the waters of the Hamptons. We pay all of our life savings away to live like this just for a few months.

I’m sure where you live is great.


I couldn’t live anywhere else in this whole wacky world.

Because, baby..NOTHING tastes like New York.
Until next time,


Kimala said...

OK Bliss. I'm moving. I'm packing up and joining you. Where I live is hot, dusty, with giant bugs and most people who don't sound nearly as exciting as those around you.

Should I just plan to take a cab to come find you? I assume you wouldn't want to meet me at JFK - but maybe I assume incorrectly.

:) Hoo! You are my favorite NYC Sex in the City girl!


Bliss said...

Sure. Any cab can take you to Blissie. Just say "Blissie, please."

/me nods.

I don't know if Manhattan life is very good for raising kids (well, not normal kids, anyway). :)

Kimala said...

do I have to bring the kids? :) heehee

ok... I GUESS they can come too.

/me sighs and rethinks logistics.

:) Kim

Bradley said...

New York, New York - the city so nice they named it twice.

OK, I love to visit NYC. But the best city to live in? Hmmmmm. Hop on a plane in February and join me on the beach here in LA. Sure, we're not all buff and blond and the streets aren't really paved with gold, but that's part of the charm. This is Hollywood. Nothing is real.

Think of every stereotype of Los Angeles and I'll probably tell you they are all true. That's part of what I love about it.

As for you Kimala. You live in just about the best place I have ever lived. I thought I would never leave, but did after a big promotion. It was a mistake.

Hugs all around!

Kimala said...

it is nice - but somehow the grass is always greener somewhere else - especially when you live in a desert :)

bigd Flanagan said...

I love NYC! Been there once and discovered a lot of things.

Bad reps: NYC has one in my book! People were super nice and outgoing. I spoke to one of NYC's finest (policeman) for 45 minutes on everything from baseball to what friggin' tools people are. He got a big kick that I was from AZ in the big city. When we said so long, he called me brother and it seemed like he really meant it.

Walking through Little Italy with a couple of friends I used to teach with. Stopped at a Pizza place for some slices. The owner talked to us, found out where we were from and just went all out! Complete pies, pitchers and some hilarious NY stories.

Big Apple has a big heart: It was 6 months after 9/11 and we went down to WTC site. Very quiet, and atmosphere unlike I have ever encountered since. There were large pieces of plywood along the chainlink fence and people would sign them with messages they felt moved to write.

We didn't have anything to write with. An older lady patted my friend Eric's hand and told him, "It doesn't matter where you are from when you are here honey, you're a New Yorker like the rest of us." Incredible words from an elderly woman who just melted away into the crowd.

If I could choose a real city to live in, not the western variation of seeping sprawl, it would be NYC!

Bliss said...

I've been to so many different cities..and they're all nice..and every city has its own charm..


There's something about New York that I can't live without.

It's just..a feeling. :) A way of life.



/me jumps on Brad and covers him in lipsticky kisses. MWAH!

:) Hi.

Kimala said...

/me opens my calendar... checks the date... wonders when Blissie is back from RL travels and waits PATIENTLY (or not so patiently) for the next blog entry. Come back Blissie!! I miss you!


bigd Flanagan said...

Isn't it like the middle of May know? Maybe she is waiting for the All-Star break, I dunno... heehee