Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sobering Reality in SL

When I started playing around in SL today, I kinda had my blog set up in my head. I'd chronicle my funny zoo adventure with Kim and BigD. Unfortunately, I've decided to make that a blog for another day.

In my entire time on Second Life, I've found that the best thing - no..really, the most unselfish thing I should say, that I have participated in have been the charity events.

Something about it makes me feel good.

So I decided I would head over to the American Cancer Society and check out their main office in SL. See if they needed a volunteer.

When I TPed into the office, I met a Caregiver. Translation..? Someone who takes care of a loved one with cancer. We chatted for a bit and he led me to a meeting currently in progress for those either currently living with cancer or survivors. And I sat for a while..and listened. And my heart broke a little..because cancer is a monster. It's a destructive monster. And then I realized..that even with this monster living inside of them..these people were still living. Still fighting and still helping each other through everything.

And gives everyone something. But I imagine for might give them peace. Second Life is a lot of's a place where avis don't get sick. They don't feel physical pain. They don't get vomity from medication. And when they lose their's because the Lindens found it more convenient to put it in their ass.

But mostly..Second Life is a place where people can connect. Where you may find people who share common shopping likes..dislikes..common music loves..and above all else, support. Support for your good days, your bad days. Your successes and your failures. Your pain and your joy. that I've witnessed it firsthand, your sicknesses and your health.

I never expected SL would be a place where you could log on..and find someone who may have just gone through what you're going through physically..and tell you what to expect. They can assure you of what will pass..and comfort you when you feel inconsolable.

And this Caregiver who was kind enough to lead me to the meeting? Well, he also took me to a church he built at his home for he and his wife. And I lit a candle for my dad and added it to the dozen or so candles he had lit for his loved ones.

And it's tough.

You know.

To not have control over everything in life. Especially your own body. Not not have something you can physically fight..just detroy your body. And to watch that happen to someone you love..well that's equally as hard.

And this has been a heavy post. :) I'll lighten up next time, I think.

I'll even post pictures to relieve the edge on this post.

Remember to get a physical. :)

Ladies, don't forget your mammograms!

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge -- myth is more potent than history -- dreams are more powerful than facts -- hope always triumphs over experience -- laughter is the cure for grief -- love is stronger than death. ~ Robert Fulghum

Until Next Time,


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Kimala said...

Bliss -
I have been so impressed with the charity work you have spearheaded in SL and am really touched by your blog today. Cancer is hideous. And... only losing your hair because the lindens chose to put it in your ass - ROFL - we could only wish life was so simple in RL. I love that line.

Keep inviting us to events - yours or others you come across. You are so right - it is the most unselfish thing to do in SL - helping others and giving to causes bigger than ourselves.